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    Raikka + aura of retribution

    So I play tested this probably well over a year ago and attaching aura of retribution did not deal any additional damage in combination with raikka ability. I assume because the attachment deals the damage and not the ally.

    However due to the way aura is worded it would lead me to believe it should deal additional damage in combination with raikka as it states “it deals” meaning the ally not the attatchment. If anyone can confirm I am correct I will playtest again.

    Additional question does using dmt ability constitute entering combat? I forget

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    The way it is worded would mean Raikka's ability should increase that damage to 3 since it implies damage is sourced to an ally. However, considering that at the time Raikka wasn't made yet and the way other attachments work, it is possible attachment is coded to source that damage to itself. If Raikka doesn't increase damage it can be considered a bug, or Aura is due for rewording to make it clear ally isn't dealing ability damage, but Aura itself, which is more in line how other attachments work.
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