I've been having fun with this deck recently on 3.65 and then on 3.66, but I think there's a way to go to make it more potent, so I figure I'd open it up for some valued input.

Hero: Zaladar (40 cards)

Ally (18):
4x Feasterling
3x Rampant Krygon
3x Voracious Arachnid
3x Armored Packbeast
2x Murderous Hulk
3x Stardust Extractor

Ability (12):
2x Sacrificial Lamb
1x Mimic
1x Mark of the Feared
2x Power Surge
1x Energy Discharge
4x Mind Control
1x Widespread Decay

Item (9):
4x Loom of Fate
1x Stun Turret
4x Dimension Ripper

Deck Code: 664037B

I have no time to do a proper write-up now, but I do feel like I should explain the name a little:

DR = Dimension Ripper which is your main draw and also a great source of damage on the opposing hero.
Pepper = There are various ways to "pep" your allies, including Power Surge, Rampant Krygon, Mark of the Feared, Feasterling (peps itself), Armored Packbeast (peps hero and ally from health perspective).

Most likely the next version of this deck will have 2 Relentless Savagery for more "pep". Not sure what to drop yet. Suggestions welcome!