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    [BP egatemi] Jericho Templar Midrange Control

    4 Guardian of Unaxio
    2 Devoted Knight
    2 Sabreen
    4 Templar Champion
    2 General of Unaxio
    2 Justica alysia
    3 Adlard the Just

    4 Moment of Aquiescencr
    3 Spirit of Devotion
    1 Bad Santa
    1 Rest and Weary
    2 Forgiveness
    3 Focused Prayer
    4 Tidal Wave
    1 Widespread Decay

    4 GCoK
    4 Scripture of the Righteous
    3 Rod of Smiting

    I am presenting you a deck that gave me a great gaming experience and was a lot fun to play. I am playing Jerry with Templar tribe that can be classified as midrange control.

    The Templar tribe has great allies and they synergizes great. u have:
    + High HP allies
    + DMG Reduction
    + Board DMG
    + Passive Effects so Crippling Blow or Disabling Effects do not work
    + Heal

    Moreover being a Priest means that you have Tidal Waved in your hand witch has big psychological impact on your opponent. He will never try to fill the board with allies which would give you big trouble. Having this in mind, you can be agressive and conquer your enemy with your own allies. Play Templar Champion e. g. and see how he reacts.

    Having a high allie presence on your board, tidal wave becomes less and less playable. Thats where Momant of Aquiescence comes in handy. Get rid of your unneeded cards to have better board dominance. 1cc is very cheap for this control tool and discarding a card is also not a high prize considering the high amount of carddraw in this deck.

    The last thing to say before doing the card breakdow is about Adlar the Just. 2/8 is really huge but heal, ability dmg and enter play effect dmg is way too much. Comparing to the other cards of the new set it may still be ok but i hope this wont bring the game into the wrong direction.

    Card Breakdown

    2x Devoted Knight: Wulven being very present makes him less good as he was before + Stun Turren. I reduced to 2x and added Sabreen instead. I kept 2 because i need at leas 6 3cc allies for early game and he is still one of the best.

    2x Sabreen: t2 Scriptures followed by Sabreen is a great Start. However being Unique and not having haste while not alone makes her quite weak late game. Still can trigger Templar Champion or appear after Tidal Wave.

    4x Guardian of Unaxio: Very Important ally due to dmg Reduction. With Spirit of Devotion he even survives Nova. His effect is passive so your opponent needs to get rid of him.

    4x Templar Champion: Another great ally in this deck. A good Target fot Spirit of Devotion. His passive is deadly and becomes a board lock if you have severeal Templar Champions or Justicia. His base attacks do not trigger Scriptures but the combo Champion + Ally does. Templar + Justicia is deadly!

    2x General of Unaxio: He can seek Spirit of Devotion. But take care because he is not a good target for it. Sometimes it is better to use it on MoA.

    2x Justicia Alysie: Great ally. Good Target for Spirit of Devotion. Amplifies Everything even your Weapon and MoA.

    3x Adlard the Just: Already told how good this ally is. This Deck even Ampifies his power. Good target for Spirit of Devotion.

    4x Moment of Aquiescence: Key Card an pretty Underrated. The Stun + DMG is awsome. Carddraw after 3 turns is good. But the cost of 1 cc is petty crazy. As Mentioned the deck has lots of abilitys that can be sacrificed to get the board. You cant tell me that you need 4 Focused Prayers every game and playing 1 Tidal Wave is usually enaugh too. SoD is also a good choice to discard. Very good against Lance. Wait for Eriss and play it after her.

    3x Spirit of Devotion.: Be Careful because you wont get draw when your ally goes back to hand or is exiled. Play it on good Targets. General and Devoted are bad targets.

    1 Bad Santa and Rest and Weary: Extra Draw

    2 Forgiveness: Extra Draw because you can use GcoK one more time. Your Ability is reday faster to destroy Blood Frenzy.

    3x Focused Prayer: There is no need to say much about this Card. 2nd best Item Destruction in this Game.

    4x Tidal Wave: Sometimes you need it early to clear the board so 4 copies is not questionable. But do not fear to sacc it if you not need it as you have still 3 copies left.

    1x Widespread Decay: Awsome Card. Try to have a second GCoK in your hand when pmaying it.

    4x GCoK: Try not to use it too much in Warrior matchups. In all other Matchups its your key draw. Always pick the card that you need most. If you dont need Tidal wave do not pick it just to have one copy "in case"

    4x Scripures of the Righteous : Great Draw with lots of ways to trigger it.

    3x Rod of Smiting : Very Important to have a weapon with up to 4 DMG. Troggers Scripures. You can finish games with this card!
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    Hey ill give it a try looks nice maybe u can share deck code instead

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    I would definitely not want to play against this deck XD. Looks fun to play though!
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