This is an updated version from my deck used in American Regional which earned me a 2nd place in the event.

Hero: Gwenneth Truesight

Allies (15):
2x Krugal Braggart
4x Layarian Knight
3x Priest of the Light
4x Snowland Spotter
2x Viska, The Scarlet Blade

Abilities (11):
3x Sinkhole
4x Hunter's Gambit
4x Survivalist

Items (13):
4x Weevil-tipped Crossbow
3x Helm of Saymeht
4x Gemstone Javelin
2x Soul Seeker

= 39 cards

The main idea is to make the best use of Javelin for board control. With Gwen’s ability, Javelin can deal 8 + 3 damages, and a revived Javelin by Helm can deal 7 + 3 damages.

Deck plays like a semi-solo deck. You keep the board under control whilst doing some ping damages to face every turn.

Some card explanation below:

Braggart/Knight: decent 2cc allies with solid bodies. Mainly for distraction.
Potl: Disrupt your opponent timing to use hero’s ability. Particularly useful against BF.
Sinkhole: I have use this card in place of Seductress. As a main tech card for Shold: Tempest Gore, Sinkhole also improves your early game for a solid start.
Survivalist: The main draw engine of this deck. It generates crazy amount of card advantage with Javelin and Helm.

Javelin, Helm, Survivalist and Spotter all takes up the 4cc spot. So you need to play which card to play first. Based on my experience, the best sequence is Survivalist > Javelin > Spotter > Helm, this will generate most card for you over the long run, subjected that you are not facing aggro.