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    [RS Seadog] Solo Serena

    Hero: Serena Thoughtripper

    Abilities (11):
    4x Wizent's Prayer
    4x Sinkhole
    3x Stop, Thief!

    Items (27):
    4x Splicer's Crown
    4x Black Market
    3x Black Garb
    1x Stun Turret
    2x Ill-Gotten Gains
    2x Helm of Saymeht
    4x Gemstone Javelin
    3x Anklebreaker
    4x Thoughtripper's Cutlass

    Locations (4):
    4x Racksul: Warped Desert

    = 42 cards

    Refer to my Mirror Garth post for explanation.

    This deck takes the troll to another level.

    You donít need allies. You will steal all the allies you need in the game.

    Being a solo deck, this deck has a solid defense, which helps you to buy time to set up the steal combo: Black Market + Racksul.

    The game is usually long but if you can maintain the defense, you will mostly out-value your opponent as all your cards cost is reduced by 2cc.

    Afterall, it is a very fun deck to try

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