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    Anti Jeveline Meta BLOODFANG

    QM is full of jeveline and black markets this deck to counter them .Another original deck no copyrights. Wulwens combined with ravagers have good board clear not only for allies but for items and abilities . 4x Heavy Ballista can buff your ravagers and wulwens. 4x Shold: Tempest Gorge location stops any javeline spam or attachment recycle so u want it early also helps against cripling blows black market or ter adun. Sometimes u want to use location ability .. if no just sacrifice.Against serena etc. u want your Thriss Demolitionist as fast as u can against others just go standart Crusher of the Weak or Riphide.. 4x Here Be Monsters also i like this card for some resource steals u can change to other draw like Rest for the Weary can synergy well witch location.. Note this deck weak to rush decks zaladar bad MU.. BTW im so tired no sleep sry for my english hope u like it this is just deck idea and i would like to see more people playing this early version was 45 cards but i think this is better with location core are ravagers and wulwens just try to build your own deck

    Hero: Bloodfang (60 cards)

    Ally (31):
    4x Bloodpack Shaman
    4x Feasterling
    4x Wulven Tinker
    4x Murderous Hulk
    4x Dark Riding Hood
    4x Thriss Demolitionist
    4x Crusher of the Weak
    3x Riphide

    Ability (16):
    4x Now You're Mine
    4x Bad Santa
    4x Blood Moon
    4x Here Be Monsters

    Item (8):
    4x Eye of the Dark Forest
    4x Heavy Ballista

    Location (4):
    4x Shold: Tempest Gorge

    Deck Code: 2406253B
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