I have worked on this deck for so long and i think i finaly made it. This is unique deck and fun to play also competitive 280 rating me i dont play every game witch this deck but sometimes it is good for surprise . i can say its a late game deck so play smart to survive Bread and butter of this deck is Survivalist. Draw when your item is destroyed . early game drops Bazaar and Loom Of Fate or Krugal Trapper. Later when u set up your draw engine Survivalist u can destroy no needed items with Ravagers and Melt Down . This deck have good board clear for allies .. loses to heavy item destruction, pure weapons. but all games have chance to win. This is 80 cards deck so a lot of options here. Stall your oponent. Heal witch Soul Seeker . Had some troubles againts pure mages added 1 Spelleater Bands. 3.63 added 4 Gemstone Javelin this card is so good witch Survivalist.. Added some forgeten cards like Darkwood Wraith this cards is good to clear attachment allies from priests. Also a lot of traps . if u set up your board u can go to face witch rush allies.. also some fat allies later on the game.
Code for import 1168498B

Hero: Banebow

Allies (23):
4x Spitfire Hound
4x Krugal Trapper
4x Ravager Zealot
4x Deepwood Bobcat
3x Darkwood Wraith
1x Thriss Demolitionist
1x Kairos Doombringer
2x Drangis, Lord of the Hunt

Abilities (18):
4x Bad Santa
4x Melt Down
4x Hunter's Gambit
4x Survivalist
2x Dawn Raid

Items (38):
4x Net Trap
4x Bazaar
4x Loom of Fate
4x Death Trap
1x Ricochet Trap
4x Thriss Assault Plinth
4x Camouflaged Foe
4x Thriss Crucible
4x Gemstone Javelin
4x Soul Seeker
1x Spelleater Bands

= 80 cards ~ 21730g