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    [SD Hellrider] Support Human Tala

    Hero: Tala Pureheart (43 cards)

    Ally (23):
    4x Yari Bladedancer
    3x Layarian Knight
    2x Aldon the Brave
    2x Layarian Seductress
    2x Tainted Oracle
    4x Yari Marksman
    2x Braxnorian Soldier
    2x Viska, The Scarlet Blade
    1x Nathanias, People's Champion
    1x Kion the Magnificent

    Ability (15):
    2x Moment of Acquiescence
    3x Valiant Defender
    2x Urgent Business
    2x Sanctuary
    3x By The Sword
    2x Smashing Blow
    1x Enrage

    Location (4):
    4x Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets

    Deck Code: 2792943B

    After sharing the "Support Undead Moonstalker", here is an attempt at Tala. The idea is having her as a tank, protecting your allies and absorbing opponent attacks while you can flood the board and smash them back.

    I decided to not have Blood Frenzy here in order to try a "Frenzyless" warrior deck.

    Moment of Acquiescence can give you refuel late game when its destroyed, and also helps you using your useless cards from hand (for example Urgent Business vs a weaponless hero, or when you already have By The Sword on the field and another one in hand).

    Sanctuary is an unexpected card that can help vs a lot of heroes, in really many situations, I like this card a lot.

    But pay attention: vs Mages and Priests you should think twice before casting your location, since a Supernova and a Tidal Wave can wreck you really bad...

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    have u played this deck in quick match? seems ok rly like Valley of Secrets in play but dont like to remove Blood Frenzy completely i have seen one high rated guy played tala and it was so good every time when i try build a tala deck it goes over 40 cards and end on 80 cant help it you can also add hypnomagician for some trades of no needed cards he has sword attack and nice stats
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