After a few tests this is my current list (7 wins, 1 loss so far):

Hero: Bloodfang (46 cards)

Ally (32):
4x Bloodpack Shaman
4x Wulven Scout
4x Dread Wolf
4x Wulven Tinker
4x Wulven Tactician
2x Soothjaw
2x Dark Riding Hood
2x Griptooth
2x Den Mother
3x Crusher of the Weak
1x Riphide

Ability (10):
3x Now You're Mine
1x Sacrificial Lamb
4x Blood Moon
2x Acid Jet

Item (3):
3x Eye of the Dark Forest

Deck Code: 1504354B

I still want to practice more, but I'm quite satisfied.

Eye of the Dark Forest is a good card for Turn 4 or Turn 5, it helps you regain the board control after you cast your fatties with Bloodfang ability (really good for Riphide and Crusher). Pay attention that when you activate it the allies that you had summoned that turn will attack from left to right.
So here is an example/suggestion:
. Your opponent has an Aldon the Brave in the field
. You have Wulven Tactician and Dark Riding Hood on hand, and you have resources to cast both them
. If you cast Tactician first, and Hood after, when you activate Eye of Dark Forest the Tactician will attack and kill Aldon, and Hood wont attack it
. So first cast Hood, second Tactician. Hood will attack first and her ability will trigger and give you draw, Aldon will survive but Hood wont suffer damage (the artifact gives Ambush), so Tactician will attack after and finish the kill

And Den Mother is reaaaally powerful. You just need to pay attention to the order that you cast it, to give defender exactly to the allies you want to protect.