Sup Folks!
Been doing a few tests with new cards once 3.63 was released, this is one of my favourite decks at the moment.

Fuzam T2 plus Spear T3 is a really nice combination.
Double kill with Boomerang and Spear, while your hero has Carnage, is also a great combo.

In general the deck has a good board presence for early game, and late game you just need to cast your weapons, kill fatties with hero and deal with whatever your opponent puts on the field.

Enjoy it:

Hero: Logan Stonebreaker (43 cards)

Ally (22):
4x Yari Bladedancer
3x Fuzam, Yari Blademaster
4x Yari Spearman
3x Braxnorian Weaponsmith
4x Yari Marksman
2x Yari Plunderer
2x Xander, Yari Captain

Ability (13):
2x Lythian Shackles
1x Bad Santa
2x Carnage
3x Smashing Blow
4x Blood Frenzy
1x Rampage

Item (7):
3x Boooomerang
4x Pithing Spear

Deck Code: 723527B