Hi guys,

Has been a while since I've posted something.
I've been really enjoying this deck lately and my results are pretty good with it.

1x Zal

4x Darklight Apprentice
4x Aldmor Artisan
2x Aldmor Scout
2x Aldmor Interceptor
1x Aldmor Scavenger
2x Ancient of Aldmor
2x Aldmor Chieftan

4x Shadow Font
4x Sacrificial Lamb
2x Energy Extraction
2x Mimic
1x Energy Discharge
3x Mind Control

2x Aldmor Accelerator
2x Clockwork Soldier
1x Disruptor Field
1x Rejuvenation Pod
1x Shadow Cannon
1x Morphic Armor
1x Shadowvein

4x The Wilds: Trading Port

The combo: location + clockwork = free lambs and energy discharges.
Use mimic to add two more copies of each or what I've done numerous times; finish off burn with their own fireball.

Morphic armor on Blood Frenzy or on any crippling attachment and reverse to opp's side. Can also steal their nice attachments.

I think ancient of Aldmor is underrated. When I drop him around turn 5, it's usually a game winner.

Deck is very versatile and deals with almost all threats. Clockwork soldier even sneaks around voice of winter.
Can comeback easily as well through and controls shadow fonts and energy discharge.

Let me know what you think of it and enjoy!