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    Coercion + Shold: Tempest Gorge = Fun Combo

    I'm not sure if anyone notice this but Coercion + Shold: Tempest Gorge = provide the most fun combo I've ever seen, you can control your opponent ally and then steal it!

    Tempest Gorge gives you the ability to return your friendly ally to your HAND, not controller but HAND. The combo is almost the same with Vozitian Order + Coercion but much easier to activate. Plus it also denied your opponent ability to recycle Item and Attachment, very usefull against Priest, Warrior, and Victor. It double as an Artifact removal since they put 1 sustain cost to your opponent Artifact. I think this is one of undervalued card in LL.

    I have tried it with Garth and Lance, both can work well but I think I like Lance best. This is my deck which I think utilize Coercion + Shold: Tempest Gorge best :

    Hero: Lance Shadowstalker

    Allies (22):
    4x Masked Bandit
    4x Night Owl
    4x Sword Thief
    3x Tainted Oracle
    2x Braxnorian Soldier
    2x Eriss Fateweaver
    1x Nathanias, People's Champion
    1x Oliver Fagin
    1x Kion the Magnificent

    Abilities (6):
    3x Stop, Thief!
    3x Coercion

    Items (9):
    3x Hit List
    2x Black Garb
    4x Anklebreaker

    Locations (3):
    3x Shold: Tempest Gorge

    = 41 cards ~ 15470g

    Just remember that the ally that is Immune to the combo is Steadfast Ally (you can Coercion but you can't steal it) and Ally that has immunity to Attachment.

    Let me know what you think or if you have a much better deck to utilize the combo

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    Wow, looks super fun. I played VO + Coercion decks before and they were quite fun and unique experience, but hard to set up. This is such more tempo efficient way for that strategy. Good find!
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    I think that A1 Otto7 is running this combo in Serena deck.

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