Hero: Lance Shadowstalker

Allies (28):
4x Skilled Ironmonger
2x Aldon the Brave
4x Night Owl
4x Rabble Rouser
2x Tainted Oracle
2x Braxnorian Soldier
2x Dhalia Blackrose
3x Eriss Fateweaver
2x Nathanias, People's Champion
2x Oliver Fagin
1x Kion the Magnificent

Abilities (3):
3x Stop, Thief!

Items (11):
2x Hit List
3x Ill-Gotten Gains
4x Anklebreaker
1x Dagger of Unmaking
1x Spelleater Bands

= 43 cards ~ 18400g

very balanced lance is here!
I think Rabble Rouser is good card in lance deck.

Thanks to Rabble Rouser, Night Owl can kill 5 health ally and Skilled Ironmonger can kill 4 health ally.
you can defeat Zailen Scholar and 3T 2/5 ally.

I love 2-3 split in item draw source and also love 4-1 split in weapons and 3x thieves. This is very balanced.

In this deck, Braxnorian Soldier is especially used for mirror deck and haste deck and mind control deck.
And Spelleater Bands is especially used for rush mages.
these 3 cards are option and a little bit contribute to prevent deck mill.

Sword Thief is not adopted because he canít kill 5 health and he often burned by lightning and if there is no ally, he becomes only 2/3 ally.

I also think 1x By The Sword is maybe good in this deck.

I have confidence and please use this deck!

Because this deck contain 17 draw source and 3x thieves, This deck often lose the battle by deck mill.
I want to use resurrection.
RIP Vergon...!