So you've decided to take your Shadow era game experience to the next level by joining a guild.

If your playing SE you have seen our guild tags RZ RedSnaksEyes, and RZ Shadowphnx

Here at RZ we are a guild, family, and friends that treasure the bonds of brotherhood through honor and strength as we enjoy playing the game and being friends. We believe that communications, team work, sharing experiences, discussing strategy, and learning from one another will subjectively make us better players. The point of RZ is to be here for the long term.

To join we will need the following information.
1) What's your IGN (in game name)?
2) How long have you played and why do you like SE enough to join a guild?
3) Have you been a member of any other guild? How long do you intend to remain a member of RZ?
4) How long have you played SE?

Contact RZ RedSnaksEyes or RZ Shadowphnx to become a member.