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    Competitive Gwenneth Truesight Agression Deck By XY Soomsalof.

    The Octagon #7 - @Quarra15.
    Winning Deck Submission By XY Soomsalof.

    Introduction - I've had many people ask me about my Gwenneth Truesight build and I would love to share it now. The past few seasons I've played this build has been truly phenomenal when it comes to my overall win-rate. I've achieved 320+ rating in a past season and have won many small tournaments due to it's overall aggression and consistency. I must add this deck will forever have the potential to turn extremely lethal at any given point in the game resulting in some amazing clutches. This deck operates with extreme aggression supported by cheap suppression.

    Hero : Gwenneth Truesight.

    Allies (18)
    4x Layarian Knight.
    2x Aldon the Brave.
    4x Layarian Seductress.
    2x Deepwood Bobcat.
    4x Snowland Spotter.
    2x Viska, the Scarlet Blade.

    Abilities (13):
    4x Pack an Extra.
    3x Retreat
    2x Bad Santa
    4x Hunter's Gambit.

    Weapons (8):
    4x Weevil-tipped Crossbow.
    4x Soul Seeker.

    = 40 Cards.

    The Ideal Hand + Plays for when you begin the game 1st:
    Turn 1 - Sacrifice. 1) Pack an Extra, recyclable draw, basically allows you to replace this card and burn through your deck faster. Giving you a better chance of having Layarian Knight in your hand for Turn 2.
    Turn 2 - Sacrifice. 1) Layarian Knight, presents solid board presence due to it's damage reduction when attacked by sword/claw base-attacks. Having Layarian Knight on Turn 2 will give you a massive advantage due to the potential damage it can lay upon the oppositions board.
    Turn 3 - Sacrifice. 1) Aldon the Brave, additional damage output due to ally's passive. Increasing Layarian Knight's damage base attack by one = 1 additional ping of damage to the oppositions hero. Decent survivability and over all solid. 2) Hunter's Gambit, Health reduction and draw. Oppositions Turn 2 ally will be reduced by two health which leads Layarian Knight to ensure a kill onto attached ally and replenish your hand with an additional two cards(with the exception of Caged Ravanger, Rapacious Vermin and Caravan Smuggler). 3) Weevil-tipped Crossbow, additional potential damage factor, useful for clearing out oppositions Turn 2 ally drop with Layarian Knight confirming the kill. Recommended if Snowland Spotter is in hand to be played next turn, as your Hero's ability can be activated (ignoring factors that increase/reduce Hero's Shadow Energy pool) allowing for removal of an opposing Turn 3 ally drop + damage to the opposing Hero.
    Turn 4 - Sacrifice is optional. 1) Snowland Spotter, ally's passive ability allows an additional attack from your Hero's weapon. Recommended only if you have Soul Seeker or Weevil-tipped Crossbow in hand as well as an assumed Turn 4 survivability (Example, don't play her against a Boris Skullcrusher as she'll be imidiently killed. 2) Bad Santa + Layarian Knight, +3 Draw and an ally for board presence. Keeping a consistent full hand is always ideal plus making use if the turns recourse count by playing an additional ally. 3) Layarian Seductress, delay sacrifice and disable targeted opposing ally. Going behind the opposition in resource count isn't a set back if used appropriately, this play allows you to remove an opposing ally without taking any base-attack damaged or supresses that ally and allowing your current board to targeted and attack the opposing Hero. 4) Any of Turn 3's options are viable as well as Deepwood Bobcat for a larger body In the ally sector.
    Turn 5 - Sacrifice is Optional. 1) Soul Seeker, if you haven't got an weapon out already this is the time to present another form of potential damage. 2) Layarian Knight + 3cc Ally/Weapon or 2cc Ability + Ally/Weapon, what's available to you and appropriate to the current situation.

    Note - The perfect order of plays can result in some crazy amounts of damage to the oppositions Hero:
    1 - Pack an Extra*. 2 - Layarian Knight. 3 - Aldon the Brave, Layarian Knight attacks for 3 damage (3 Total). 4 - Snowland Spotter, Layarian Knight and Aldon the Brave attack for 3 damage each (9 Total). Soul Seeker + Hero Ability, Layarian Knight and Aldon the Brave attack for 3 damage each, Snowland Spotter attacks for 2 damage, buffed Soul Seeker attacks for 8 damage (25 total). 25 Points of damage by the end of your Turn 5 if allies and their passive are unaffected.

    The Ideal Hand + Plays for when you begin the game 2nd.
    I'm not being lazy here but I see no point repeating myself. All the above options and recommendations apply to this. Only adjust focus of damage to clear oppositions ally sector. Once achieved precede to apply damage to opposing Hero.

    Additional Information to be Considered:
    1) Draw - On the odd occasion I find myself depleted of draw opportunities and have to resort to top decking and a low resource count if my hand can support that decision. Hunter's Gambit and Bad Santa are the only draw engines in this deck, Pack an Extra is considered a recycled card (Replaces itself while having additional benefits, seem commonly in Rouge Classes with abilities such as; Silent Strike, Backstab and Reconnaissance) which can never be considered a draw engine. Note - This decks primary focus is aggression. So cards such as Tainted Oracle slow down the pace of your damage output, despite gaining potential additional draw it slows down your momentum. Leaning the deck more towards being Mid-Ranged. If its really an issue I recommend + 1 Bad Santa bringing the total card count to 41 (including Hero).

    2) Deepwood Bobcat - Time and time again I find myself sacrificing this card to ensure my more flexible options stay within my hand and debate the importance of this card. When played it has the potential to gain the passive abilities Haste and Ambush when a Hunter-classed ability or item has been put into play. Making it run along smoothly with Pack an Extra and Hunter's Gambit. Having that optional haste passive can assist me in clearing the oppositions ally sector or adding additional damage to the opposing Hero and apply more board pressure. This is why it remains.

    3) Retreat + Layarian Seductress. These are the suppressors in this deck which prolongs you opponent's responses to your board. Retreat should only be played on larger cost allies as you can waste your opponents entire previous turn due to a costly setback or only us it to send Viska, the Scarlet Blade back to hand so you can strike again (if you have 8+ resource count). Layarian Seductress serves a similar purpose and disables target ally if her ability can be applied. Rendering that ally useless in terms of base-attack and activated abilities. This allows independent fatties and the Hero Moonstalker to be controlled/supressed in a reasonable manner.

    If there's any card I've forgotten to mention I apologies and if there's any further or specific pieces of information you'll like to know I'll be happy to inform you about it.
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    Nice write up. Explained really well

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    Awesome deck and awesome write up.

    This deck is so simple yet surprisingly effective. I think for anyone wanting to learn qwen, this deck and this thread should be enough.

    Thanks for posting !
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