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    [SD Offspring] I Stand Alone: Solo Support Darkclaw


    Song: I Stand Alone
    Artist: Godsmack
    Album: Faceless (2003)

    "I stand alone
    Feeling your sting down inside of me
    I'm not dying for it
    I stand alone
    Everything that I believe is fading
    I stand alone
    I stand alone"

    Hero: Darkclaw

    Allies (2):
    2x Ravager Zealot

    Abilities (28):
    4x Speedstrike
    2x Lone Wolf
    4x Blood Moon
    4x Rain Delay
    2x Nocturnal Advantage
    4x Full Moon
    1x Shriek of Vengeance
    2x Bad Santa
    4x Shadow Font
    1x Ley Line Nexus

    Items (9):
    4x What Big Teeth
    2x Spectral Sabre
    3x Lythian Sledgehammer

    Locations (4):
    4x Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets
    Total cards: 44

    mana curve:
    1cc: 1
    2cc: 10
    3cc: 12
    4cc: 12
    5cc: 1
    6cc: 3

    The idea here is to make a good use of the location Ravenscrest with as many Support Abilities as possible, specially Rain Delay, Full Moon and Blood Moon.

    Slow down your opponent and damage him every turn with What Big Teeth.

    Remember to use your hero ability only when you have Speedstrike on him, to maximize the damage.

    Ravager Zealot is here for your last finisher, it's good to cast him when you had cast a Rain Delay last turn, so you can haste him, and cast a Full Moon to make him beat even more.

    Spectral Sabre is mostly to counter opposing Enrage.

    "And now it's my time (now it's my time)
    It's my time to dream (it's my time to dream)
    Dream of the skies (dream of the skies)
    Make me believe that this place is invaded
    By the poison in me
    Help me decide if my fire will burn out
    Before you can breathe
    Breathe into me"
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    Cool deck. I'll have to give this a whirl.

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    The song fits Darkclaw


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