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    Guide To Joining and Enjoying Tournaments

    There has been quite a change in how we organize and execute tournaments in Shadow Era. I will do my best to simplify and explain what is needed to join.

    One thing that will help you immensely is to join us on the official Telegram Chats by entering our welcome room here:


    This is how we coordinate matches and have real time conversations in regard to questions on rules or issues that come up within the tournament.

    You can communicate through in game chat if you wish however, Telegram is just much more efficient.

    1. For starters, simply keep an eye on the thread “Organized Play.” Generally, there will be no Tournaments posted in any other location. This is the best way for you to keep an eye on the current running and soon to come tournaments.

    2. There are two different types of tournaments, Large Scale and Pop up

    Large scale are always posted on the Organized Play thread in order to have signups. Prizes for these events are granted by The Board of Directors upon completion of event and after the organizer has submitted the prize requests.

    Pop up tournaments are small player run tournaments. Free to enter and you get prizes for 1st and 2nd place! I will be trying to figure a way to get the word out to as many as possible other than those just in out Telegram chat rooms.

    You will see some tournaments that say “A Pro Tour Event.” These are tournaments that offer not only prizes for those who finish in top positions but also points that help you to secure a spot in the World Championships. I will not go into details, but you can check it out by following this link:

    PRO TOUR 2021

    If you are not worried about competing in the World Championships, you could still play just for fun. No reason not to play as much as possible. Every game will help you become a better player!

    3. When considering a Tournament, be sure to carefully read the description and the rules before you join. Having a full understanding of the rules will keep you from being disqualified during the event.

    4. Sign up for the event following the requested information. Typically, you will see people asking for your “ign” (in game name) and TELEGRAM handle. Depending on the tournament, you may need to give more information. It is a case by case basis.

    If you decide not to join Telegram, be vigilant of the Forum as any changes to the tournament or format would be made there and it is your responsibility to be aware of all changes.

    5. When a tournament begins, the brackets should be posted onto the forum for you to know who your opponent is. It is then the players responsibility to organize their own matches. The Tournament Organizer will make a judgement call on who to advance if the match never took place. Joining TELEGRAM will help with contacting your opponent. I highly recommend it.

    6. At the conclusion of your match, it is general practice that the winner post the results and that the loser confirms them.

    Example: InsanoMango 2-1 SK Trinolcour
    This message may change depending on the format that each tournament has adopted. Maybe it is a best of 5 or 7. Make sure to understand what the rules are in order for you to advance.

    7. Have fun.

    We are always glad to welcome new members to our TELEGRAM community. There are so many players in the game and we would love to get as many of them in Telegram as possible to help!

    I hope that this has been beneficial to you. Any questions asked below. I will gladly answer or you may contact any of our game mods/telegram mods for help.

    As always, GLHF!
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    Looks good! I think it deserves a sticky!
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