Heroe: Majiya

Allies: 20

Cinderborn Fatebreaker x4
Death Mage Thaddeus x2
Morbid Acolyte x3
Eternal Troll x2
Murderous Hulk x2
Phoenix Urigon x4
Forgotten Horror x3

Abillity: 17

Sacrificial Lamb x3
Fireball x4
Lightning Strike x3
Transmogrification Curse x2
Supernova x3
Ley Line Nexus x2

Item: 3

Tome of Knowledge x3

40 Cards + hero

Transmogrification Curse, must be used for enemy allies that are difficult to eliminate.

Forgotten Horror, must be used wisely since it will also paralyze most of your allies for not being Undead.

Law Line Nexus, will be used against the annoying armor of the hunter and warrior and the weapons of the rogue.