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    First of all id like to say that I liked very much the new possibilities. There are changes that benefit aggro, mid range, control... Only combo and stall seem to get really nerfed, but as ppl were complaining a lot about these decks Let's see how would the new meta be once 3.52 has its go live.

    I might not be the best person to give suggestions about new cards because I am still a recent player, but im trying to play several games with them so these are my impressions:

    Layarian Knight: the best 2cc ally so far, I think he deserves a soft nerf (if Feasterling and Bandit dont come back to their previous version). Old feasterling and bandit got nerfed and he is even better than both them. One possibility I suggested was to make it unique, as yrum, but no one semt to like it.

    Layarian Sentinel: when defending it has 3cc (or even 4cc) stats, for a 2cc, which means a problem when play on Tala, for example. Maybe reducing his attack buff for +2 would be enough, as his intention is to defend and protect, and not to kill opposing allies (imo).

    Kion the Magnificent: if you have board control and cast him its instant gg. Maybe his damage reduction should affect only allies up to 3cc. Or, maybe, him and vull should lose their last ability, as they are the best fatties right now.

    Phaedon Barbarian (nerf planned = only readied if your hero controls a weapon with sword or claw attack): I liked this card very much, it is like the addition that Logan deserved, and I agree with purposed restriction nerf

    Phaedon Commander: also a nice addition, specially for ravager, I think its balanced and I wouldnt change a thing

    Vull the Insatiable: once again, his last ability could affect only allies up to 3cc, or remove this ability.

    Darklight Timelord: one of the greatest additions so far I can see lots of possibilities around him, playing control, fatties or even using him to help on some combo. Once he can be played by shadow allies, with access to shadow font, maybe he should be unique, as using 2x his ability in the same turn can be op. Also playing aldmor it would happen really easy. I dont think he should get meek.

    Dark Riding Hood: another nice addition, I think she is balanced as she is (maybe only extending her buff to outlaw, to see new decks?)

    Higher Ground: very nice card, wouldnt change a thing. Good possibility to play weenie tala, for example, with gaderi instead of arthyle.

    By The Sword: I didnt like this card, as it almost only works with arthyle. 1cc could be fair.

    Masked Bandit: as a neutral ally I would have never nerfed him, and I still would like to see him back as he was.

    Feasterling: I agree with everyone who said his sustain would be a problem when facing warriors or priest, as opposing attachment would make you have too much life drained. Id bring him back as he was before (also because now the probable 2 best 2cc shadow allies have sustain - feasterling and rapacious vermin, while human has the best 2cc ally, Layarian Knight).

    Loom of fate: seems useless now, its a "bad" bad santa. "2cc, each player draws 3 cards, one per turn". I cant see anyone playing Loom anymore...

    Garina: Id purpose to change it to T5, as new cards benefits more fatty decks.

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    Early thoughts:

    Layarian Knight
    I think by strengthening Human early game, Feasterling should stay the same to keep a healthy balance between human/shadow. The card itself is a staple for sure.

    Layarian Sentinel
    The interaction with Tala and Dead Man's Breach is a little too much in my opinion, I expect that deck to go rampant if nothing is done, Brax and GS are pretty poor counters due to Diplomat and multiple copies of the location. Sentinel is extremely hard to get rid of without having the necessary tech and that for the low low cost of 2cc.

    Kion the Magnificent/Vull the Insatiable
    I would keep these as they are for now, but they probably need to be monitored eventually. both can influence the game as much as the The King's Pride, with the caveat that the allies are a lot harder to get rid of due to steadfast.

    Phaedon Barbarian (nerf planned = only readied if your hero controls a weapon with sword or claw attack)
    I think this card is fine, but don't necessarily mind the nerf specifically aimed towards hunters

    Phaedon Commander
    All good, card has its uses and doesn't look too strong for what it does.

    Darklight Timelord
    Somehow this card feels extremely good for its cost. Haste + handy ability and a whopping 8 hp.

    Winged Redeemer
    Looks okay. might not see a lot of usage, but its another tool to counter support abilities.

    Resolute Hornbeam (buff planned = 3/6 stats)
    Looks good with buff and not too strong. Cool.

    Dark Riding Hood
    Cool ability, cool art. Lets hope it buffs Wulven a bit.

    So in short, I think sentinel/location is the big one to watch out for, and I'd love to see feasterling in its old form to rival Layarian Knight


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