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Ok then for a Templar build is more tricky. I can see that your build is not pure Templar, but if you want to go with only Templar then the allies in general have high enough HP to survive Nishaven's ability (but not Supernova). Such allies are: Guardian of Unaxio (a must imo as he can work as a shield for damage), General of Unaxio (retrieves attachments and has high health), Knight of Unaxio (good ally to buff with extra attachments and use for Ythan's ability). Allies to consider: Zailen Crusader (for attachment cost reduction), Unaxio Bannerman (for attack buff and haste allies). As most of them require to discard attachments, I suggest you to check out the Location Sosilo Borther's landing. Although these don't necessary counter Nishaven's ability, I think they will give you enough attack burst to not worry about direct damage or temporary board loss.
I'll take a look into your suggestions. Bty, I sent you a pm. If you would not mind, I'd like a little more of a talk. You seem to know what you are doing.