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    Rogue deck diversity

    List of different decks I faced in QM, or saw a list on forums or played them myself. They are here for reference, and also to showcase what SE has to offer in area deckbuilding. If you know another archetype that is not in the list comment below. I'll be doing these for other classes as well, so check those out as well! Updated for version 3.6.

    Combo Lay Low (not legal in ranked mode anymore)
    Aggro Attachment
    Midrange Non-tribal
    Fatty Roll
    Control Vozitian Orders

    Wisp Discard

    Midrange Non-tribal
    Midrange Aldmor

    I am hesitant where to put Garina Road Lance decks (and similar decks that rely on faties to close out the game). Unlike Priests that can also do fatty roll, Lance, thanks to his ability, has the option to go more aggresive in midgame.

    Another note I would like to add that even though simingly there are fewer decks listed, the flexibility of rogue card pool and Garth's ability and to less extent Lance's ability allows to use quite diverse mix of allies. But the basic structure of decks is still midrange or tempo and without common theme I just put them all under Midrange Non-tribal.
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