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    Ythans Fast and the Furious......and Fragile Twilights

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to share another filthy fun deck i have been playing with...

    Ythan Redhorn

    4x Twilight Herald
    3x Twilight Opportunist
    4x Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
    3x Twilight Ritualist
    4x Twilight Shepherdess
    4x Kallista, Twilight Matriarch

    4x Strength of Conviction
    4x Spirit of Devotion
    4x Surprise Attack
    4x Twilight Eidolon

    4x Lorhon: Twilight Encampment

    Ok so basics first.... draw? obviously Spirit of Devotion, Twilight Eidolon are the main draw. But Surprise Attack becomes extremely useful
    with Ythan Redhorn ability and if the opponent hasn't dealt with the ally that has the attachment it an even bigger bonus

    The tactic is to keep allies on the board to start performing your combos, the main combo is Kallista, Twilight Matriarch and Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist, with hero ability at turn 6 he will hit the opponent hero for 12 damage in a turn, with a Strength of Conviction its now 18 damage with Kallista, Twilight Matriarch she gets a swipe for 21 damage total. So that sounds good right? but you have a Twilight Shepherdess and Lorhon: Twilight Encampment in the game also. Now Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist just become free and you can kill him off and search him again for another 4 damage. When you start pulling this off in one round, besides having a good laugh!! you opponent is literally left in pieces or quits

    This combo can also be done with Twilight Opportunist and Twilight Ritualist, both extremely useful with Strength of Conviction, a quick side note Twilight Ritualist exile ability can be used twice when combo with Kallista, Twilight Matriarch for some serious opponent tear down.
    Usually you will only need to 6-7 resources before you wont bother discarding anymore and lay the combos down.

    Don't be fooled the deck is fragile, starting hands discards doubles and Surprise Attack. Experience will tell you when to concede the game when you have well and truly lost board control. Last ditch efforts like Twilight Herald and Demetreyo can pull the low level wins but don't count on it.

    Lastly keeping dropping allies and secure 1-2 allies on the board come turn 5, Kallista, Matriarch becomes the new threat and try not to discard Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist he is kinda key to the whole deal...

    enjoy have fun!!!!
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    haha I had the same idea.... here's my version...

    x4 Opportunist
    x4 Lifebringer
    x4 Demetryo
    x4 Warden
    x2 Orphic
    x3 Luminary
    x2 Kallista

    x4 Poison Arrow
    x4 Hunters Gambit
    x4 Road Less Traveled

    x4 Wrath of the Forest

    So same main idea - spam Demetryo with Ythan and Kallista if possible. Luminary allows you to have haste with Opportunist and Warden turns into a 5/5 for only 3cc once you have 3 in your graveyard which becomes very helpful for soaking up damage and buying time for your Demetryo bombs. Use RLT to bring back Demetryo before he dies at the end of your turn + 2 card draw. Gambit helps draw also while giving you some board control along with PA.


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