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    Cool Homunculemental [3.173]

    Extremely fun Elemental deck, and absolutely ridiculous if you get the opening combo, and still solid if not.

    Current Build (40):

    1 x Elementalis

    4 x Barrenland Gremlin
    4 x Voracious Arachnid
    3 x Flame Spitter
    2 x Eternal Troll
    3 x Armored Packbeast
    (16 Allies)

    3 x Sacrificial Lamb
    3 x Spontaneous Growth
    2 x Nocturnal Advantage
    3 x Bloodthirsty
    2 x Super Focus
    3 x Mind Control
    (16 Abilities)

    4 x Splicer's Crown
    (4 Items)

    3 x Rankett: Proving Grounds
    (3 Locations)

    The basic premises is getting steadfast, and avoiding negative attachments. From there some interesting combos arise with Homunculus allies for Elementalis.

    All the Gremlins are for the opening combo, or possibly a cheap ally to drop before activating Proving Grounds ability.

    T1 Gremlin
    T2 Splicer's Crown
    T3 Arachnid + location + activate gremlin and location
    T4 Sac gremlin + spontaneous growth Arachnid + activate location
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