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    Red face Threbin - Master Arcanist

    Is he a priest or a palladin?.

    Allies (19):
    Zealous Mystic *4
    2cc - Cheap ally with attachment manipulation.
    3cc - Who needs body armor?
    Devoted Knight *4
    3cc - Resource boost.
    Sindarok Apprentice *2
    3cc - The preemptive dmg is nice.
    Sabreen, Hand of Unaxio *2
    3cc - Haste and ping dmg, unfortunately Sabreen is unique.
    4cc - Ungodly with all my draw.

    Abilities (6):
    Spirit of Devotion *4
    1cc - Draw.
    2cc - Burst draw.

    Artifacts (9):
    The Last Harvest *2
    1cc - Global Amp.
    Loom of Fate *2
    2cc - Extra draw (actually needed something for 1cc left over at the ends of turns before I stuck these in).
    2cc - Draw.
    3cc - Cheaper than Justicar Alysia, opposite effect.

    Weapons (6):
    Wizent's Staff *2
    4cc - Emergency draw.
    5cc - No intro needed.

    Total: 41 cards

    A typical Templar build I know. Though honestly most of the differences are based on resource management and maintaining draw than anything else. There are some notable differences than the average Threbin Templar build. I dropped Madelain's Scepter because I kept finding that more often or not I would prefer the bonus draw and cheaper cc of W. Staff over the ping dmg of M Scepter. Also there are no Tidal Waves. I've always felt that Threbin can get away without running as many Tidal Waves as the other priests, and for a long time I only ran two in my Threbin builds. Well, this is the build that has none. Also no Justicars, the reason being is basically cc. No Forgiveness, which is sad (I love that card). The other thing about this build is that it has a massive diversity in draw. The Arcanist in the title refers to being a tarot reader - crazy draw ... you get it.


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