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    Zaladar of Lackmire

    Hi everyone,

    First time post, have been playing the game for about 5 years. I think it's time I submit a deck that has helped me keep steady above 320 this season. This deck is Wulven ally based. Although I have seen many Wulven decks mostly with Baduruu, I have not played against a Wulven Zal with the cards I run. I don't see this deck on the forums either so here is my inaugural deck:

    Zaladar- of Lackmire

    4x Wulven Traitor
    2x Wulven Predator
    4x Wulven Scout
    3x Wildfand Wulven Renegade
    4x Wulven Tactician

    4x Lackmire: Trading Post
    3x Mind Control
    3x Shadow Font
    3x Confluence of Fate
    3x Life Infusion
    2x Relentless Savagery
    2x Will to Fight
    2x Exaltation
    1x Soul Reaper

    About the cards (allies):
    In terms of Allies, Traitor is the star and I never sac him. Best and only 2 ally that gives you nice draw as long as he stays in the field and if he goes down you replace with other traitors. I generally like Renegade over Scout but because renegade is unique, I only run 3 of them (I tried 4 and you just get extras you can't play). 2 Extra predators because you need a good ally balance and of course tacticians are the best 4 Wulven ally.

    Items and Attachments:
    What might surprise most is Life Infusion. This is the best ally attachment in this deck as you attach to any of your guys (by turn 3 with Lackmire ideally) it becomes mostly indestructible that early on and catches opponents by surprise. Best case scenario is to draw Lackmire by turn 3 to summon the best attachment you have based on the situation. Exaltation and Savagery are good at 2 each. I'm kind of still experimenting with WtF as it is the attachment I use the least. Of course we have our 3 Confluence as our second draw engine, Mind Control and SF are a must as well. Soul Reaper is just such a good card that I throw it in when you get stalled and need some life to survive or when you suspect you are playing against a rush deck.

    Play style:
    This deck is mostly "rushy" but I find myself controlling the board several times. You sac based on hero you are up against. I sac my MC against mages, keep them against rogue etc. Also sac SF early since I will most likely not use it on T4.
    I have about 70% win ratio so far. Victor can pose problems if you don't start fast, your chance for survival will diminish.

    Feel free to try or let me know what you think!

    Memorytrace OUT

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    Looks interesting. The inclusion of Life infusion is brilliant since traitor is easily killed but the star of the show. On anything else it allows you to beat in and it doesn't get into range on the counter attack. The other dogs can finish the other ally off. Nice work.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kylt View Post
    Could be better than fire snake version.

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    Super fun deck, thanks for sharing! It does suck when you get hit with a mind control though

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