With the crazy meta I have been playing tons of decks, this is the one I will likely play for awhile. It is quite fun and resilient as Nishaven's ability does not kill any allies besides troll (lol) or maybe abomination. The thought process is to drop allies depending on what the board looks like and then use wisp to put together a good combat round.

Allies - 21
4x vigilant wisp
3x evolving abomination
4x entangled wisp
4x eternal troll
2x armored pack beast
2x thunderstone golem
2x thunderstrike construct

Abilities - 12
2x consuming fear
4x lightning strike
2x transmogrification curse
2x supernova
2x leyline nexus

Items - 6
4x tome of knowledge
2x amulet of conjuring

Total of 40

Ideal play by turn (1st choice/2nd choice):
T1 - sac double or 3cc ally not needed based on opposing hero
T2 - sac, vigilant wisp/tome
T3 - sac, troll/wisp
T4 - sac, golem/3cc ally
T5 - sac, fetch & wisp/construct

After that it varies greatly. This ideal sequence can be interrupted by having to deal with a big threat (i.e. elementalis buffed arachnid) or having to fetch a relevant creature with wisp.

Usually you want to keep an ally or two on hand in case of a sweep; if playing against a hero without, try to flood them.

I expect this list to change as I am considering the draw attachment, electric dmg-based location and a possible different ally mix, but I need to play with it more first.