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    Threbin plays with homunculus ghosts

    Deck really fun to play.
    It uses the famous combo Ghostmaker + Threbin special to bring back 2 allies from the graveyard with these sticky homunculi.
    Your opponent will use several cards to get rid of Eternal Troll, Armored Packbeast and Fortified Wisp.
    And they'll come back!
    Passive abilities from Packbeast and Entangled Wisp are useful the turn they are revived.
    Overwhelm seems to me better in this deck than Tidal Wave.

    Epic game: Aleskovitch(275) vs D3knee(273)

    All ideas to improve this deck are very welcome!


    Threbin the Righteous

    ***Allies (22)***
    2x Layarian Diplomat
    4x Entangled Wisp
    4x Eternal Troll
    4x Armored Packbeast
    4x Tainted Oracle
    4x Fortified Wisp

    ***Abilities (12)***
    2x Forgiveness
    2x Focused Prayer
    2x Tidal Wave
    2x Mass Purification
    4x Overwhelm

    ***Armors (2)***
    2x The King's Pride

    ***Weapons (4)***
    4x Ghostmaker

    TOTAL: 40 cards + Hero

    TOTAL GOLD: 17660
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