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    Lightbulb Ice priest Zhanna

    Hello everyone, this is my first deck idea and i think it's a decent concept. So, here it is :

    Hero: Zhanna Mist (39 cards+hero)

    Allies (15):
    4x Vigilant Wisp
    2x Entangled Wisp
    3x Armored Packbeast
    4x Stalactitan
    2x Thundestrike Construct

    Abilities (17):
    3x Retreat!
    2x Rain Delay
    3x Sinkhole
    2x Focused Prayer
    4x Zail's Hymn
    3x Tidal Wave

    Items (7):
    4x Glass Chalice Of Knowing
    3x Voice of Winter

    The idea is pretty simple - controlling the board with VoW while Stalactitan gets huge. In the low end, pretty much everything is for early control, while the allies prep the board.
    Ideally, you want to play your allies before the VoW drops, but you can play Armored Packbeast and Entangled Wisp later, if you need the buffs.The best early option would be Vigilant Wisp, to get what you need.
    Zhanna's ability as well as AP's helps you keep your allies and yourself alive until you set up. TC for the value (Oh sweet value!), and Tidal Wave for when things look extra grim.
    With Chalice as the sole draw engine, although consistent, it's quite possible that it's going to be removed fairly early. And there comes plan B:
    Simple Homunculus tribal strategy should keep you in control, if not win you the game by itself.

    Of course, any suggestions and tweaks are welcome!

    Side note: Sorry for the text form of the post, couldn't get the deckbuilder working.
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