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    Lightbulb Zaladar Surprise Deck

    I have been playing with Zaladar for quite some time, trying different things, and this yields the best results so far. Currently oscillating between 270-280 rating. I found it to be very solid for controlling the board and versatile, just use a differnet "surprise" depending who your opponent is. Infernus against fire mages, Rapacious Vermin / Morphic armor against attachements, Disciple of Aldmor (my favourite card) + Exaltation against hero power (you can pump shadow energy with Shadowvein in this case). Infinity Core recycles those allies that are needed against specific hero. Lots of draw, etc.

    Any ideas how to improve this deck further?

    Hero (Zaladar) + 42 = 43 cards:

    Allies (17):
    4 x Ironhide Karash
    1 x Rapacious Vermin *
    4 x Infernal Gargoyle
    3 x Death Mage Thaddeus
    4 x Disciple of Aldmor
    1 x Infernus, Tyrant of the Damned *

    Abilities (14):
    4 x Bad Santa
    4 x Shadow Font
    1 x Super Focus *
    4 x Mind Control
    1 x Exaltation *

    Items (7):
    3 x Infinity Core
    4 x Antimatter

    Armor / Weapons (4):
    1 x Morphic Armor *
    3 x Shadowvein

    * = "surprise" card
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    Morphic Armor as a surprise card? I have 3x of that in my build.
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    I just find running only 1 copy of a card very unreliable unless you are Aramia. What happens when you really need that card and are forced to sac it early on or it happens to be at the bottom of your deck?

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