I've just made this deck and so far it's working very nicely. Just looking for some tweaks that could possibly improve the deck. The draw can be very hit or miss.


Allies (22):
Harbinger of the Lost x 4
Rampant Krygon x 4
Grimghast x 2
Slingblade Demon x 4
Phoenix Urigon x 4
Falseblood Cultist x 2
Dakrath x 2

Fireball x 3
Supernova x 3
Transmogrification Curse x 2

Crystal Shards x 3
Tome of Knowledge x 2
Sacrificial Lamb x 3

Shriek of Vengeance x 1
Ley Line Nexus x 1

Total cards = 40 + Hero

The idea is to get Phoenix Urigon on the board and constantly replay it using both the hero ability and the Slingblade Demon. Supernova will clear the board but keep Phoenix Urigon in Play. Fireball and TC used for additional control. Dakrath can be brought in on turn 4/5 using ability if he is discarded by harbinger. Falseblood Cultist is there for additional draw.

Let me know your thoughts!