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    Rising Sun - Guild Thread


    Rising Sun was founded by competent leaders and gaming enthusiasts with years of experience from previous guilds. Sharing a common vision of helping others to improve and succeed, it was shortly joined by like-minded seasoned veterans and new players with potential. Together, a solid foundation of a friendly, professional, and active community of gamers was formed.

    We want to create a caring and warm gaming guild where all of its members can call their home. Our vision is to create a place where everyone can freely share their ideas and knowledge, a place where the same rules apply to everyone, and a place free from altercations amongst its members. Therefore, we are proud to officially announce the formation of Rising Sun and open our doors to players interested in joining our guild. We highly value activity, effort and friendship so that we can nurture the next generation of expert players, tournament winners, and leaders.

    Our energy, passion, and vision will ensure that Rising Sun shines brightly in the wider Shadow Era community.

    Guild vision

    We believe in equal opportunity for everyone, in meritocracy and rewarding contribution and activity.
    We believe in an egalitarian structure where every member is treated equally without discrimination.
    We believe in an open and constant exchange of ideas and sharing of decks.
    We believe in mutual help, support and learning.
    We believe in decency, civility, and respectful behavior between all players of Shadow Era.
    We believe in fair play, honesty, and playing within the rules.
    We believe that energy and persistence conquer all things.
    We want to share that energy with you.

    Who we are

    Rising Sun is a straightforward, peaceful environment to play Shadow Era and explore every element of the game. We promote a friendly, casual atmosphere where all its members are expected to participate in guild discussions on a regular basis. We believe strongly in the open exchange of ideas, foster constructive criticism, intense deck testing, analyzing the meta, and freely share our combined knowledge with others in the guild.

    New players are more than welcome to join us - if you are willing to learn, Rising Sun is an excellent place to do so. We believe in fair play, without cheating, hacking, or exploitation of bugs. As a guild, we strive for excellence and seek to dominate every area of competitive play, and we are constantly aspiring to improve and learn new things.

    While our guild is new, most of our players have been part of the Shadow Era scene for a long time. As a matter of fact, among our ranks are some of the best, most experienced players in the game; gaming professionals (both past and present) and tournament winners at all levels of competition. While many guilds have a high degree of game knowledge, what makes us truly unique is how we choose to use that expertise.

    Rising Sun is just what it sounds like, a warm, enlightened place for you to play and grow as a player. We create actual friendships based on mutual respect in our guild. We strive to continuously learn and support each other. We assist one another by participating in events that guild members host, offering advice and scouting reports on common competitors, thoroughly testing even the silliest of deck concepts that our members might come up with, and giving constructive, well thought out criticism on both design and in-game decisions making. In fact, we have a proprietary system that is proven to take a new SE player from their first starter deck to above 300 rating in a single season.

    Whether you are a new or veteran player, casual or hardcore, you will certainly find a place in Rising Sun. Our highly supportive environment allows you to raise your game and deckbuilding skills to a new level. We know that by combining our great theoretical knowledge with vast tournament understanding, we have the perfect combination for any aspiring Shadow Era player who is willing to learn and improve. We provide the tools to help each individual to progress, through comprehensive training programmes, IRC, and forums.

    In short, the Rising Sun was formed by great players, and in turn - forms great players.

    If you want to be the best, then Rising Sun is the place for you. We look forward to learning from you as you learn from us as members of the Rising Sun.

    Why should you be interested in joining Rising Sun?

    The reasons for joining are as diverse as our membership base is:

    - if you want to put your talents to good use, to grow as a player and improve your skills;
    - if you enjoy a welcoming and friendly atmosphere tailored for both casual and hardcore players;
    - if you favor a tightly-knit guild structure that provides a real sense of belonging and where your role is integral to the guild;
    - if you are interested in being challenged to be your best. We will quickly spot your potential and help develop your gaming career;
    - if you prefer an expanding, evolving environment specifically made for the mutual benefit of its members,

    we are looking forward to hearing from you!
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    How to join Rising Sun

    If you are interested in joining us, there are couple of ways to contact us:

    - You can do it by visiting our official forums and introducing yourself to us. Please click here to visit our public forum:

    You can message our recruitment leader RandomGuy via a pm on the forums or on telegram @rs_rg.

    If you do decide to contact us, it is recommended to include the following information:

    - Your IGN (In Game Name).
    - Telegram @username.
    - Highest Ranked rating achieved.
    - How long you have played Shadow Era, and if you applied to or joined other guilds in the past.
    - Past TCG experiences if any.
    - Currently City/ State or country
    - GMT timezone
    - Any info that you'd like to share.

    Note: All applicants must go through a 1 month evaluation process that will help us determine if they are a good fit for our guild.

    During this period we'll be looking out for:

    - Activity on our private telegram room.
    - A mature and respectful attitude towards Rising Sun members, fellow probationary members and the rest of the Shadow Era community, be it in-game, on telegram or on forums.
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    Member list



    High Council:







    2phite AlphrNZ Amael Azbycx AndreX
    AomoriAkuma Arunos Ausar Bayushi Bloodmural
    Cheatcode Craiglonius Crystal Titan Darkgunz DarkStar
    Djw317 Death Ebony Devil FoxHound Freeze420
    Gamatos GTSixtiesMind Janor Jake61800 Jlbjork
    Kingchaos21 Kingcoopa Kohfunk Kohen Gadol Larus
    LevelEditor Mambanero Merak Muigetsu NagiCorn
    Namcastle Nameless NuLyfe Niko Oukipouki
    Ouroborosro Pekisha PhillipW Piercing Poochie
    Porcmajor Raynor Reborn Reliant Rime
    SeaDog Shuko Steve Rogers Sinister Dee Spacelord34
    Synyster Edge Tenacious Piggy The Vengeful One Tiffblue Tryit
    ViperByte Vikeif Viperbyte Vyz WangKei
    Wozek2 Yami Ryuu Zenatius Zenoriellz
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    The mystery has been revealed! I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you in competition (I will win of course )!

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    Best of luck Rampant Seals! (Deja Vu will get this :P)

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    Best wishes to Rising Sun. Ya, I think most of RS Guild live in Asia?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cristalW View Post
    Best wishes to Rising Sun. Ya, I think most of RS Guild live in Asia?
    Actually no. A few from Asia, a few from US, a few from Europe too.

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    CONGRATZ to your new guild I hope it succeeds and flourishes in it's success and happiness amongst it's players good luck to you all
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    Oooh... New prey.

    Good luck to ya. Always nice to see a new guilds.
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    All the best with the new guild guys..
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