Felt like posting my Rothem deck, so ya.

Rothem, King of Layar

x4 Infenal Gargoyle
x4 Ramant Krygon
x4 Yari Bladedancer
x2 Kairos Doombringer

x4 Smashing Blow
x4 Crippling Blow
x4 Blood Frenzy
x4 Shadow Font
x4 Enslave the Beast

x3 Jeweler's dream
x2 Spectral Sabre

How it normally plays out, or should play out, is...

Turn 1 ~ nothing
Turn 2 ~ Yari Blade dancer
Turn 3 ~ Infernal Gargoyle
Turn 4 ~ Jeweler's Dream (attack + crippling blow if they have an ally)
Turn 5 ~ if you have your ability, pop it trow down a Krygon attack with Rothem summon another Krygon and attack with everything and if
you don't have your ability stall till you get it and try to avoid showing your Krygons
Turns after 5 ~ normally the first burst with your ability takes about half there health and the second half of damage is done when you get back up to 2 SE and you pop a Shadow Font at 5 or 6 CC, after that summon a Krygon (if you have one)

So I yet to see how far this deck will really take me but it's still a 200 rating deck.

If anyone has any ideas or constructive criticism I'm open to suggestions.