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    Post (SF) Aramia: Twilight Feint

    So I've been using this deck as my go-to since I put it together around April or May. And I realized it was my new favorite to play. I hadn't seen anything like it on the forums at the time, but now it appears that things similar to it have sprung up. I'll share the deck below:

    Hero: (1)

    Aramia (1)

    Allies: (24)

    Aetherborn Wisp x 3
    Aldon the Brave x 3
    Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist x 3
    Twilight Champion x 2
    Twilight Herald x 3
    Twilight Opportunist x 1
    Twilight Ritualist x 2
    Twilight Lifebringer x 3
    Twilight Warden x 4

    Abilities: (2)

    Supernova x 2

    Items: (8)

    Abomination Factory x 2
    Tome of Knowledge x 3
    Twilight Eidolon x 3

    Armor: (3)

    Ritualist's Headdress x 3

    Weapon: (3)

    Dagger of Fate x 3

    Deck Total: (41)

    This deck has played for me very well across a multitude of play styles and opponents. The Supernovas with a 5cc are the only high-cost cards in the deck, and are last resort/board clearers I keep for a rainy day. The Twilight cards work beautifully together and with Aramia. The fair balance of two drops to the 3s and 4s is pretty comfortable, and with the high number of twilight allies and the use of Ritualist's Headdress and the various abilities, the graveyard requirement for Twilight Warden and her ability shows up fast, which is why I have 4 of her in this deck.

    The thing I have noticed that has set this deck apart from the other Twilight decks I've seen and played against, and the reason for the name of my deck, is that I have a second strategy I can implement on the fly: the Aetherborn Wisp and Abomination factory. I loved this combo when I first saw it, especially when used in conjunction with Dagger of Fate and/or Tenacious Buccaneer (who has been switched into this deck in the past). It is so easy to make the switch to this strategy at the beginning of the game or in the middle of it if the board's been cleared. And with the higher number of allies in this deck, it's easy to keep feeding the Wisp, and since they're not Unique, you can have multiple wisps powering up from your Abomination Factory thanks to their ability. The daggers of fate are a great addition to this, and always help in a pinch.

    Powering up when you're really on a roll is great, Twilight Warden and Twilight Champion are natural choices at that point, but saving a Demetreyo with Twilight Eidolon (which is also a convenient extra draw engine or shield for one of your allies) makes him a great choice for boosting as well. Earlier in the game I've powered up the Lifebringers, Aldon, or even the Heralds with each other and the Headdress. It's a versatile deck, low cc, lean, and so so mean.

    If you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch. I haven't posted a deck in a while but I always love hearing your feedback. Happy Playing!

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