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    Thumbs down Timing Out Mechanism Too Buggy To Live - 1.25 production

    Seriously, we need a better mechanism... I just lost a game against Zaladar just as I had him on the ropes. I never even saw a timeout warning pop up, until one flashed by when I started clicking around when I realized that I hadn't seen a "Victory" notification pop up for well over a minute... and just now, I "lost" a game without ever even seeing the bleeping first screen!!! I've given up on my rating having any basis in reality at this point, it just pisses me off to think about all the games I've "lost" this way. I'd gladly trade all the bogus victories I've gained for something real.

    Look, any mechanism which precipitates these types of problem needs to die. How about implementing a "Buzz" function that says exactly what is going on:

    "You are being buzzed. The other player has presented a card requiring you to acknowledge it is being played. Click here if you can't see the card, and need the screen refreshed."

    "You are being buzzed. The other player has waited XX seconds for you to play a card. Please respond by clicking here if you need more time."

    "You are being buzzed. You have 0 resources and 0 abilities left to exercise. The other player is waiting for you to complete your turn. You turn will automatically end in 10 seconds, or when you click this button."

    "You are being buzzed... you have resources and abilities left to play, but have taken no actions for 25 seconds... do you wish to end your turn now? Click here to continue with your turn, otherwise, click "End Turn" or wait 10 seconds for your turn to end automatically."

    Prevent the "Buzz" function from being used before 25 seconds are up, or more than once every 25 seconds.

    If someone's turn ends automatically more than once, they should lose automatically.

    But, please, the current system is just too annoying to live.

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    Im not nearly annoyed as you are but I really like the idea of a notification bleep/buzz. Maybe once when the timeout timer starts and once again at 15 secinds or so.

    Good idea.

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