Hi there!

Here are three improvements that might have already been suggested, but I'll say it anyway (it'll only show that they are simple to implement and that people care):

1. Change the type of game from "Normal" to "Custom" for custom games. That'd make it so simpler when investigating a player's historic.

2. Create a "Custom Meltdown" type of game, to practice, to have fun with other decks, and also so that new players don't have to ruin themselves to play Meltdown.

3. Create daily and/or weekly rankings with a few SCs to win. It'd motivate not-so-competitive players to try it sometimes, and make them stick to the game even more. Right now, to be in the first places of the rankings, it seems like you need to sacrifice one month to the game. Who can afford that, and mostly who wants that? For a game? I can sacrifice a day, or even a week if I really need, but not more, and I believe most players are like me, especially casual ones.

That's just my 2 cents
Thanks for reading.