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    Question PC + WEB startup crash

    Hello, everytime I run the pc client version, I just hear the background music and all i can see is a black screen, and an error report.
    When I run the web version, it loads the game and then immediatly it says: Content was stopped because a fatal content error was detected.

    Things i have already tried: Re-installing unity web player, reinstall pc version, cleared cache for browser, cleared unity web player cache, tried on both mozilla firefox and google chrome.

    I have a windows xp, and my graphics card is a FX 5200 with 128MB.

    Help would be MOST appreciated.
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    I had a similar problem and reported it here That was nearly 3 weeks ago and still no reply. I still can't get it to run, I installed win 8 on a separate partition and it worked for a while then the same thing happened.
    You could try emailing Wulvern here

    If you look in the Shadow Era folder in Program Files you will see some folders like this "2013-12-19_184444". Inside is the error log and a couple of other files, I suggest you send them as well as they will help the developers find the problem.

    You could edit your post and add what your OS and graphics card is.

    Good luck and if you find an answer please post it here. I've given up trying to find an answer and now just play on a tablet.
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