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    Spectral Sabre acted like Mind Control in QM

    I was playing as portal Majiya against a typical Amber weapon deck.

    Igns: kraken1978 vs zero life

    On my last turn I cast a tome of knowledge and then activatied it. I finally summoned a ironhide karash.

    Then my opponent played....

    I'm not totally sure about how this happened, but I think it was this. Played spectral sabre and then had second thoughts and canceled. The sabre and braxnorian soldier pop up onto screen for a second together. Then suddenly my death collector attacks ME, but does no damage because he's been hit with crippling blow. After this my opp attacked me (I think with allies) and then cast spectral sabre before freezing up and losing.

    So my question is what happened to cause this? Is it a bug? I don't know.

    I first thought maybe its a sync error with what was happening with opp freezing up, but I got no popup saying that had happened. I just wanted to add that no way did I think my opp was trying to cheat. I would have lost the game if they hadn't froze up.

    Anyways, you can watch to replay and see everything that happens I tried to just describe.
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