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    Portal Majiya Deck! Pls rate it on a competitive level!


    ***Allies (19)***
    4x Infernal Gargoyle
    3x Death Mage Thaddeus
    4x Shadow Knight
    2x Brutal Minotaur
    4x Ironhide Karash
    2x Furrion Terror

    ***Abilities (18)***
    4x Fireball
    4x Lightning Strike
    3x Portal
    2x Acid Jet
    3x Bad Santa
    2x Ley Line Nexus

    ***Items (3)***
    3x Tome of Knowledge

    TOTAL: 40 cards + Hero

    About the deck:
    Why don't you use Shriek of Vengeance?
    It's a very good card but in a late game deck like Portal Majiya it can be bad. The deck is very resource hungry so most of the time it can backfire if you sacrifice your resources.
    Solution: I use Acid Jet and soak up the fact that I can't destroy some of the draw engines and What Big Teeth.

    Where are the Supernovas?
    These days Majiya decks don't run Supernovas but some people can ask this question. Again this is a late game deck and if my opponent run a very aggressive rush deck (Rush Eladwen) and I lose board control than I already fell behind in life too. After that Supernova can be a dangerous double edged weapon.
    Solution: Furrion Terror to get back some of the board control

    OMG! Only 3 Portal in a Portal Majiya deck LOL!
    Yeah Yeah! One thing about Portal: It's useless without creatures. If you fall behind and your hand getting empty than a possible Portal dead draw is possible.
    Solution: I never sacrifice Portal in the early game or if I'm ahead.

    Questions for you guys!
    - Bad Santa! Is it the best draw card for this deck? Sometimes it can backfire especially if you are behind. It's just don't save you if you draw but you give more options for your opponent too. I played with the idea to not drop Belladonna and use it in the last version of the deck. Thoughts about that?
    - Attachments! How bad they are against this deck? Should I use some sort of defense?

    Pls rate and comment on my deck! Give me ideas to improve it! Thx =)

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    1. Generally I solve rush deck problem by Webs or Consuming Fear, or simply add some 2cc allies.

    2. Attachment can be problematic, but Gwen, Amber or Wulven are not scary without weapon. If you insist on not using Shriek (which won't help vs Gwen anyway), then Scourge Colossus can be great vs them.

    3. I don't like Furrion Terror in Maj deck. To me it is very ineffective as 2 damage to all allies generally won't clear board well (as Maj doesn't have the Banebow ability). It also kills your own allies without any compensation (unlike Banebow, which many times killing your own army for more cards is actually great).

    - 2 Furrion Terror
    - 2 Brutal Minotaur
    - 1 Bad Santa
    - 2 Ley Line Nexus

    + 2 Supernova
    + 1 Acid Jet
    + 1 Tome of Knowledge
    + 2 Consuming Fear
    + 2 Scourge Colossus
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    Bad Santa is good with this deck when:

    - Going first on t2 when your opponent has 6 cards in his hand
    - Late game to draw your burn to finish opponent hero
    - Mid-late game to draw allies for Portal when you have enough resources to do that on same turn

    Portal, haste is supposed to be fast after Portal is set up. I think Bad Santa fits the bill. 3 Portal is what I use in my deck for the same reason you do.

    If you are talking about ally disabling attachments, I wouldn't worry because you should be playing your heavy hitters through Portal and to your opponent's face. Once your SK or BM does damage once, it's good. Next turn you will play another fatty and deal even more damage anyway. Majiya can easily match, even outdraw warriors. Wulven's Lone Wolf might be a problem but if you are fast enough they won't have time to heal up.

    I recommend a couple of Supernova, a couple of Scourge Colossus (they might replace your LLN) and I don't really think you need other item destruction but it will depend on your meta. My Majiya Portal deck has more aggressive early allies as in Death Collector and Belladonna. You might check it through my signature.

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    I use Sac Lamb over Santa in Portal Majiya. Why? Aside from the unilateral draw it sends crippled allies to the graveyard to be returned with Shadow Knight.

    I would also consider 2 Supernova, as they are a great surprise package for people thinking like you are "Portal Maj never runs Nova".

    Also Scourge Colossus is a possibility.
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