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    Gwenneth Truesight - Deadly Chick

    Hello guys! This is my first post here. I play SE since 2012 but I don't usually come to the forum, so now I thought "I got nothing else to do, I'm gonna register and share my deck". So, here it is:

    Gwenneth Truesight

    ***Allies (13)***
    2x Jasmine Rosecult
    2x Puwen Bloodhelm
    2x Aldon the Brave
    3x Priest of the Light
    2x Aeon Stormcaller
    2x Champion of Irum

    ***Abilities (18)***
    2x Aimed Shot
    3x Poison Arrow
    3x Rapid Fire
    4x Into the Forest
    4x Bad Santa
    2x Ley Line Nexus

    ***Weapons (8)***
    4x Soul Seeker
    2x Feathered Longbow
    2x Grundler's Double

    TOTAL: 39 cards + Hero

    Now I'll explain this out.


    You only have Bad Santa to serve you with cards. But this is not a bad thing, because you have 8 weapons in your deck and probably will get at least one in like 3 turns.


    Allies aren't your priority. I mean, you have 13 and all of them (except Aeon) are 3cc or less. You will use them to demage the opponent in the first turns, and when you have your weapon set to fire, you go for the opposing hero's life.


    Here the question is: "Why 2 Feathered Bows"? I'm gonna explain why. Because it's a 3cc and probably 2/3, that's why. If you have a 3cc bow, you will avoid Ley Line Nexus and it is a very good thing. Sure, some heroes have items to destroy it, but it's worth the cost! Only 3 and you can cast it plus some other ally or item/ ability.

    4 ITF?

    Yes, 4 ITF. Let's look at it this way: you have 4 and you only have to use it 2 times in most of matches. But if you don't need to use it, then discard it! It's simple and it's called precaution. If you need a little more time to get an item that you want and have low HP, you can keep using it! If you don't, just discard it.

    Why 2x Aimed Shot?

    Because you have 8 weapons and it's just a 2cc item which will give you +1 damage on your bow. If you have Rapid Fire attached and 3 SE, you cast it and you're gonna hit 2x 5 demage in a turn with your weapon! If you have allies in play, you finish the combo. It's a very very useful card.

    And what about the Tainted Oracle?

    We don't actually need him. He's a 4cc and only 2/2 card.

    Well, this is how it works. If you have somthing to say about it, some improvement, go ahead and say! I'm all ears (better: I'm all "eyes")!
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