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    Lightbulb Serena Deck Prototype

    I'm currently planning to create a good Serena Deck, so I'll need your opinion to improve it!
    So... here's the deck that I have in mind:

    39 cards + Serena


    2x Nightshade
    2x Agent Rex
    2x Night Owl
    3x Jasmine Rosecult
    2x Aldon the Brave
    2x Lily Rosecult
    2x Raven Wildheart
    2x Aeon Stormcaller

    2x Bad Santa
    2x Procured and Restored
    3x Assassination
    2x Treasured Heirloom
    2x Smoke Screen
    3x Stop, Thief!

    2x Black Garb
    1x Gravedigger's Cloak
    1x Spelleater Bands

    4x Anklebreaker

    Card Choices:
    Agent Rex ->Deny an artifact from the opponent and use it at your advantage. (Additional draw artifacts most likely)
    Nightshade -> Can set-up assassination. (same for Agent Rex)
    Raven Wildheart -> Able to deal with strong shadow allies. (And she's beefy)
    Lily Rosecult & Procured and Restored -> Take back Anklebreaker from the graveyard or whatever goodies from the opponent.
    Gravedigger's Cloak -> Always good to have an extra draw or when an opponent's card in the graveyard can make big plays. (it's fun to beat the opponent with his own cards!)
    Spelleater Bands -> Good to have against mages and Zaladar (Spells, come at me bro.)
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