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I'd remove the forgiveness and maybe remove the Elizabeths, but I am no Priests expert, but I am not sure of her viability. Also the Ice storms. Put in some A legend rises and maybe some sacred firewalkers and/or banishes. That is just personal opinion though.
I'm pretty happy with the Elizabeth's. They create a win/win situation for me every time they hit the board. The opponent has to spend resources killing her entirely if they want to stop the draw/prevent retaliation next turn, and she will always replace herself in your hand with another card... can't beat that.

The forgiveness is in there as per Kylt's praise about the card. I'm still not entirely convinced on the card but it has proven useful. It makes the 1st turn sac a lot easier knowing I can always get it back later.

I actually did experiment with Banish, and I'm pretty on the fence about it currently. I think it comes down to preference with this card. In the end, I preferred the 4 retreat.

@ Kylt - I watched the semifinal with Iclipse on twitch & your post actually does make quite a lot of sense. After that, I went on to beat 2 Ambers and a Zala right away.

I'm very happy with the decklist, and appreciate everyone's feedback. With time, I will get more and more comfortable, and I broke into the 200s tonight!!