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    Drawing Power - A Brief Analysis of Draw Cards

    Drawing Power - A Brief Analysis of Draw Cards

    I believe that card draw is very essential to any card games especially in Shadowera. Other card games have mana/energy cards but Shadowera uses resources and those resources could be any card you choose from your hand. Therefore, your hand can deplete very quickly. Specially if you plan to sacrifice every turn and use a card every turn. For example, If you have first turn advantage, you start with 6 cards. Ill give you an example of typical rush Eladwen Frostmire start.

    T1 sac + kris 4 cards in hand
    T2 sac + puwen 3 cards in hand
    T3 sac + aldon 2 cards in hand
    T4 sac + LS/TO 1 card in hand

    Now assuming your opponent survives the ally rush you now have to figure out how to proceed. You do not want to be put into a top decking state. top decking is when a player has 0 cards in their hand and has to rely on their draw phase and a lot of luck to get the card they need in order to turn things around.

    Call of the Crystals had very limited choices of draw cards you can use per hero. Luckily, the new Dark Prophecies Expansion gave us a more draw cards to choose from ranging from Blood Moon, Antimatter, Treasured Heirloom and many more. There are now lots of possible draw combinations you can use in order to maximize your draw potential. You have to keep in mind that there are various cards that can give you draw. There are allies, abilities, items, armors, and weapons that can give you consistent draw, burst draw, draw upon death, draw upon attack and even recycle cards.

    Draw engines
    I consider cards like Wizent's Staff, Antimatter, Tome of Knowledge, Bazaar, and Blood Frenzy consistent draw engines because as long as these cards are not destroyed you can manage to get some draw from them once every turn. Most tourney players will destroy these engines to slow down your momentum simply because draw is crucial and that it can hinder their opponent’s momentum

    Burst Draws
    There are cards like Bad Santa, Honored Dead, and Sacrificial Lamb that can give you 2+ cards upon usage. The advantage of these cards is that they cannot be destroyed like the draw engines. However, these cards lack the consistency since you have to draw them in order to use them..

    These are cards that will give you one card once the condition is met. Good examples of these types include Belladonna, Night Owl, Here Be Monsters and Lay Line Nexus.

    These cards pretty much allow you to put back a certain amount of cards in your deck and you will draw the same amount of cards. so in a way you recycle the cards you dont need at the moment and you can get them at a later time. One example of these cards is fleet-footed messenger, for the price of 1 resource you are allowed to choose a card to put back to your deck. And draw a card. another way of recycle is taking cards from your graveyard and putting them back to your hand. Technically, if you look at it in a certain way it is like drawing a card from your deck. Cards like shadow knight allows you to return the last ally in your graveyard back to your hand.

    There are few things to consider when picking your draw cards. First thing to consider is the type of card that would give you draw, meaning you need to know if you want a weapon, armor, ally, attachment, or support ability to give you that draw. These factors are important because it would affect your choice of draw cards especially in tournaments where you are allowed to tweak your deck every matchup. Also, your choice of type of draw cards has to work in synergy with the rest of your deck. I mean you would not have a honored dead on a solo Gwen deck simply because you would not have that minimum 3 allies needed in your graveyard for honored dead to work.

    Another thing to consider is whether the card draw will be unilateral or bilateral. Unilateral simply means that the draw would be one sided meaning only the player who cast the card will benefit. Examples include Sacrificial Lamb, and Honored Dead. On the other hand, bilateral means the total opposite where both you and your opponent will benefit from the card. Examples include Bazaar, Aldmor Conduit and Bad Santa.

    You also need to know what cards can destroy your draw engine because this will affect your sacrificing and gameplay as you matchup against different heroes. You need to know item destruction cards like Shriek of Vengeance, Stop Thief, Artful Squire, Focused Prayer, Spectral Sabre, Sever Ties and many more in order to make smart choices during your game.

    • Item/Weapon/Armor - Shriek of Vengeance, Artful Squire are used to destroy 4cc or lower abilities or weapons like Wizent’s Staff, Ill-Gotten Gains, and many more. Then there is Lay Line Nexus to destroy those 5cc and above weapons/armors. Then we can go to your class specific item destruction cards like Stop Thief!, Smashing Blow, and Focused Prayer.
    • Allies – You can use Captured Prey, Crippling Blow, and maybe Retreat! to prevent draw. You can also disable the ally to stall the usage of ability.
    • Passive Abilities - Also, you need to know what cards can negate the passive ability of draw cards like Tainted Oracle and Night Owl. Ideally, you can use Layarian Diplomat or Morbid Acolyte before you kill these allies.
    • Attachments - there are Sever Ties, Spectral Sabre, Morphic Armor, Mystic of the Vale, Jericho’s ability and many more in order to control attachments.
    • Recycler – cards like Death Collector and Spirit Warden can alter the graveyard in order to prevent Shadow Knight loop or just to remove those allies in the graveyard from the game.

    I can’t tell you the exact recipe for having a great and consistent draw because sometimes you can just have bad luck and do not get those draw cards early in the game. However i can tell you that you definitely need draw cards to be competitive. Most players have about 6-8 sometimes maybe 10 depending on preference.

    Draw First

    Now that we talked about the different types of draw cards, let’s talk about how drawing is in play during a game. At the beginning of every turn, you draw 1 card from your deck. So no matter what even if your hand was empty prior to your turn, you are at least assured that you will draw a card to maybe save you.

    Secondly, it happened so many times that players tend to make moves by summoning an ally or ability even before they use their draw cards. It is nice to use that Tome of Knowledge before you do anything simply because that card you draw might affect your upcoming plays. Furthermore, if you have a Tainted Oracle and you know you need cards, suicide it before you make any move by attacking another ally so that you will deal damage to the ally and you get the new cards you need. Before using Sacrificial Lamb on an ally, make sure it attacked or at least used its abilities. Much also works for using board wipes, use your allies to attack the hero then use the board wipe. It just maximizes each and every card’s potential usage. Using those draw cards before setting any plans in motion gives you the ability to have more options to go about your turn.

    Credits: I want to thank my brothers in BP for sharing their insights.

    Anywhoo, I hope this article helped even just a bit. I added a list of cards that somewhat give draw and my personal views regarding these cards.
    Please feel free to put your insights regarding each and every cards and I will update it eventually.
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    Drawing Power - A Brief Analysis of Draw Cards

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    Card Type/Cost/Draw Type/Faction/Unilateral Vs Bilateral

    Lily Rosecult
    Return the top item from your graveyard to your hand. This cards works well with your weapon heroes like Lance, Amber, Serena. Also instead of having procured and restored, Lily provides a body on the board and that recycle ability.

    Tainted Oracle
    Ally/4cc/Burst draw/Humans/U
    You can only benefit from this card once it is destroyed and sent to the graveyard. Also having an ally on the board is a plus. People tend to not attack it with their allies to prevent the opposing player to draw but you have to remember that on the start of your next turn you can attack an opposing ally and “sacrifice” TO before you start using resources.

    4 damage is quite a bunch therefore, this card barely last more than a turn. This card works well with portal decks simply because once you summon it, you get the draw you wanted and deal the 4 damage as soon as it was summoned.

    Shadow Knight
    Great card allows you to recycle your last ally from the graveyard to your hand. Most players try to take advantage of the SK loop. Where you have two SK and are able to recycle them. Must break the loop by killing SK first then another ally or use Death Collector or Spirit Warden to alter the graveyard

    Wulven Tracker
    Ally/4cc/Draw Engine /Shadows/U
    This card requires you to deal combat damage in order to get a draw. This ally tend to not last on the board simply because of its benefits and card draw power

    Campfire Stories
    I don’t even see this card to be worthy enough to be in any deck. The main purpose of this card is to heal. The draw effect is just a bonus

    Honored Dead
    Ability/4cc/Burst draw/Humans/U
    Mostly used around mid game - late game. The condition of at least 3 allies must be met so ideally you use it in a deck with some allies. By removing some allies from the graveyard using Death Collector and Spirit Warden, you can prevent this draw from occurring.

    Here Be Monsters
    This card works well with resource denial decks. It’s also commonly used early game because you deprive you opponent with a resource and on their next turn they are forced to resource another card. So in a way you took away their draw. Works in synergy with Cobraskin in a resource denial Baduruu. This card works well when going second.

    Sacrificial Lamb
    Ability/2cc/Burst draw/Shadows/U
    This card requires you to sacrifice an ally and receive up to 3 cards matching the ally's resource. So those allies that were crippled, disabled, or about to die can be put into good use. I like using this card with Wrath of the Forest since it gives that extra draw card upon death of your ally.

    Item/2cc/Draw Engine/Neutral/B
    This card as most people would call it a double edged sword. Especially since you and your opponent is getting that extra card every turn. It also helps with mill decks.

    Bad Santa
    Ability/2cc/Burst Draw/Neutral/B
    Both you and your opponent gets to draw 3 cards each. Most people use this at turn 2 if they have FTA because it will allow you to maximize Bad Santa. You draw 3 cards because you had 4 leaving you with 7 and your opponent will technically draw only 2 because they had 5 and 7 cards is the most you can have in your hand.

    Master Smith
    Target weapon or armor from graveyard is returned to your hand. It is costly for a recycler there are cheaper alternative in class specific card pools.

    Ability/2cc/Burst Draw/Neutral/U
    This card requires you to destroy a weapon in order to draw two more cards. Personally this card is too costly since you have to destroy 3-6cc armor/weapons in order to draw just two cards.

    Lay Line Nexus
    The primary reason for this card is to destroy those 5cc and up weapons and armors. The +1 card draw is just a bonus.

    Fleet-footed Messenger
    With a cost of 1 resource, this ally allows you to place a card from your hand to your deck and draw a card from the top of your deck. You can recycle cards that you don't need now in order to find the cards that you need immediately. Shuffle those King’s Pride in your opening hand for later use or shuffle in the single tech cards like Celestial Armor or whatnot.

    Treasured Heirloom
    Ability-Attachment/3cc/Burst Draw/Humans/U
    This card gives you a +1 attack on your ally. And when Treasured heirloom is destroyed you get to draw 2 cards. I like to attach this card to a Twilight tribe Herald and use that cards ability, damage hero/ally then get my draw. I also sometimes attach it to Kris and “sacrifice” it in order to get draw for that turn.

    Ability-Attachment/3cc/Draw Engine /Shadows/U
    This card is great when going first. When attached to IK you can kill that puwen or IK or twisted familiar and get an extra draw. I see this card used a lot on Elementalis. T2 IK T3 bloodthirsty + ability (depending if Elementalis can use the ability)

    Word of the Prophet
    Choose up to 3 cards and it will be returned to your deck and you draw the same amount of cards. This is ideal on turn 1 when you have a crappy starting hand. However, I still think that having a draw is better than recycling especially early in the game because you need those resources.

    Aldmor Conduit
    Ability/3cc/Draw Engine/Neutral/B
    Both players can draw a card once per turn during their turn with the cost of 1 SE. This is ideal for heroes with abilities that are situational such as Ter Adun. It also nice to use this card in synergy with Io Void Leviathan.

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    Class Specific Cards


    Blood Frenzy
    Ability-attachment/3cc/Draw Engine/Warrior/U
    You take 1 damage every turn. You draw 1 extra card at the beginning of your turn. I think its one of the best draw engines.

    Dimension Ripper
    Weapon/5cc/Draw Engine/Warrior/B
    Nice damage and draw however you are drawing from your opponent’s deck and they are drawing from your deck. So there is some risk involved because you might give your opponent a crippling blow and you get some crappy ally.


    Surprise Attack
    Ability-attachment/3cc/Draw Engine/Hunter/U
    It gives your ally ambush ability and when it deals combat damage; you are able to draw 1 card. There are better alternatives such as bloodthirsty.

    Night Prowler
    Armor/6cc/Draw Engine/Hunter/U
    It allows you to steal a card from opponent’s hand which comes very useful in late game. You get to deprive your opponent of cards and you get to control their fate. The downside is that it only has 1 durability.

    Wrath of the Forest
    Armor/4cc/Draw engine/Hunter/U
    When your ally gets destroyed and sent to the graveyard you get to draw a card. So the deck must contain a decent amount of allies to facilitate well. It works in synergy with sacrificial lamb. Most Banebow decks have Wrath of the Forest and Sacrificial Lamb in order to maximize their draw potential. Very strong against wipes.

    Gravedigger's Cloak
    For the costly price of 2se you are able to place a random card from your opponent’s graveyard back to your hand.

    Cobraskin wraps
    Destroys a resource and you draw 1 card. This card and here be monsters is ideal for a resource denial Baduruu. The extra draw can help you get to that next resource denial card.

    Rolling Boulders
    The main purpose of trap is to return 5cc ally your opponent summoned back to hand. The draw is simply a bonus. Very useful in semi-solo Baduruu since it can control help control the board

    Change of Plans
    Target player returns their hand back to their deck and draw the same amount of cards. It can be used against your opponent if you know what they have in hand.

    Ability-attachment/4cc/Draw engine/Hunter/U
    When item cards are destroyed, you draw 1 card. The downfall is that the idea of cards being destroyed is very limited. Using an item card is different from being destroyed. Also, when you summon a new armor replacing the old one means the old armor being destroyed.

    Pride of the Mountain
    Armor/4cc/Draw Engine/Hunter/U
    Draw 1 card for every opponent's ally destroyed. I still prefer WotF simply because your opponent will not always have allies, some decks are solo decks and if they don’t have allies its practically pointless.

    Grundler's Double
    Weapon/6cc/Draw Engine/Hunter/U
    Draw 1 card and the end of your turn as long as there is one exact ally on your board. Works well with semi solo Baduruu because you tend to just have very limited allies around 1-2 on board to supply the draw needed.


    Tome of Knowledge
    Abillity/2cc/Draw Engine/Mage/U
    For price of 2resources, once per turn you can draw a card. Many mages uses this card for the long haul. Specially control mage decks.

    Twice Enchanted Robe
    When your hero is damaged while this card is in play you can draw a card. This card has two durability, so technically u can only get two cards out of this. For that costly price I would rather use Bad Santa or Honored Dead. A way to counter the draw effect is to attack the hero with only 1 damage allies. Simply, because the hero will not be damaged due to the armor blocking the 1 damage and the durability will be reduced.

    Undying Bond
    The top two allies from your graveyard are placed back into your hand. Ideal in late game in recycling those allies. In late game where you have about 9 resources, you can take a 2cc and a 3cc ally from graveyard and summon them same turn.

    Loest's Burden
    Armor/7cc/Draw Engine/Mage/U
    At the start of your turn, your hero recieve 1 damage, When your opponent uses shadow energy you draw a card, 0se your hero take 2 damage and you draw 2 cards.
    Personally I don’t like this card because like its name its pretty much a burden. Its like a very costly Blood frenzy. Taking 2 damage to draw two cards is something mages can’t afford due to their already low life points. Now maybe in the future where mages can somehow gain health then maybe this card can be viable.


    Cobraskin Wraps
    Works well with resource denial priest. But barely anyone runs a resource denial priest. The draw is beneficial into getting that next unilateral draw or that next resource denial card.

    Twice Enchanted Robe
    When your hero is damaged while this card is in play you can draw a card. This card has two durability. so technically u can only get two cards out of this. For that costly price I would rather use Bad Santa or Honored Dead. Attack the hero with a 1 attack ally in order to prevent the draw effect.

    Wizent's Staff
    Weapon/4cc/Draw engine/Priest/U
    One of the best draw engines for priests. Once per turn you can use 1se to draw a card.

    It allows you to take the card at the bottom of your resource pile back to your hand. You also get 1se and 1 resource. For 2cc, this card seems to be the deal. However, it’s hard to find a place for this card in a 40 card deck due to the variety of cards in the priest pool.

    Elizabeth Winterborn
    Ally/4cc/Draw engine/Priest/U
    Elizabeth gives you one card at the end of your turn she is undamaged, when damaged elizabeth gains +2 attack. So at the turn she is summoned you are already assured with one draw. Also, if attacked elizabeth will gain +2 attack and will be able to defend. I like like putting this card behind a protector so it can last more turns and be more reliable as a draw engine.


    Look at your opponent's hand, draw a card, and your allies have +1 attack until the end of your turn.

    Ill-Gotten gains
    Ability/4cc/Draw engine/Rogue/U
    When an enemy ally or item is destroyed you draw a card. This is a must for all Rogue decks. Being rewarded for killing or destroying an opponent’s card is a -1 board advantage for them and +1 card advantage for you

    Disable an ally for 1 turn. And draw a card. I barely see the inclusion of this card in decks because there are better options for disabling an ally in a rogue deck

    Night Prowler
    Armor/Draw Engine/Rogue/U
    It allows you to steal a card from opponents hand which comes very useful in late game. The downside is that it only has 1 durability. This card is perfect for Serena it works wonders with Lyra, Pay Day. It just takes away all your opponent’s cards in the hand.

    Gravedigger's Cloak
    Armor/4cc/Cantrip /Rogue/U
    For the costly price of 2se you are able to place a random card from your opponents graveyard back to your hand. Card is really nonsignificant. Even for any use, maybe to have it in a deck to resource.

    Night Owl
    This ally has stealth if you have less or the same number of allies on board as our opponent. Draw 1 card when this ally is destroyed. This ally is being considered in many decks. It works better if you are second because odds are your opponent will have more allies on board than you. Morbid Acolyte and Layarian Diplomat can remove this ally’s stealth and draw ability.

    Ellicit Information
    Ability-attachment/4cc/Draw engine/Rogue/U
    When your opponent discards a card from his/her hand tothe graveyard you draw a card. This card is perfect for Serena Thoughtripper. It works in synergy with many rogue cards like pay day and Lyra
    Procured and Restored
    Target item in the graveyard is placed in your hand. It is nice to also get a weapon/armor from your opponent’s graveyard if need be.

    Smoke Screen
    Your hero is exhausted and all opposing allies are exhausted for the next turn.


    Draw a card from opponent deck. I guess it's ideal for milling.

    Dimension Ripper
    Weapon/5cc/Draw Engine/Elementals/B
    Nice damage and draw however you are drawing from your opponents deck and they are drawing from your deck. So there is some risk involve because you might give your opponent a Mind Control and they might give you a Puwen.

    Ability/2cc/Draw Engine/Elementals/U
    With a cost of 3resources, you are able to draw 2 cards and discard 1. At first glance, I think the price for drawing 1 card seems too much, but ideally this card is used around mid to late game where you should have quite a few resources. Also, this card can be used in synergy with Soul Reaper by throwing away your allies to the graveyard and use them later to regain health.


    Blood Moon
    Ability/2cc/Slow Burst Draw /Wulven/U
    For the next 3 turns you don’t have stealth, you draw 1 card at the end of your turn. In my opinion, it is one of the best draw cards out there. Best draw card for DC.People tend to not destroy it because the cost of destroying it seems to be a lot more than just letting your opponent receive that slow burst draw.

    Wrath of the Forest
    Armor/4cc/Draw Engine/Wulven/U
    When your ally gets destroyed and sent to the graveyard you get to draw a card. So the deck must contain a decent amount of allies to facilitate well. It works in synergy with sacrificial lamb. Allied MS can use this card efficiently.
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    Drawing Power - A Brief Analysis of Draw Cards

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    Nice comprehensive article!

    Slight nitpick:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo3yb0i View Post
    [*]Passive Abilities - Also, you need to know what cards can negate the passive ability of cantrips like Tainted Oracle and Night Owl.
    Cantrips usually refers to cards that only draw 1 card. Therefore, TO is not a cantrip.

    P.S. When I saw the title I thought it was another complaint about the sudden draw bug. :P
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    Very nicely written article. Looks like you did a lot of homework!

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    Finally in the right section, it's fun to see that Hunters seem to have more draw options than other classes, with poor Warriors relying on Blood Frenzy only

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    Nice write up!

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    Thanks Joey for sharing this article. Great amount of effort there.

    Well done.
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    Great article... Nicely done Joey
    Best Regards,

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    Good article. It made me think though that it would be interesting if the design team created cards that actually rewarded players for having little to no cards in their hands. I was playing Magic the Gathering when they came up with Cursed Scroll. Eventually the card proved to be just too powerful for the meta but it was a really good counter against discard decks like the current Serena ones.

    Anyway thanks for the write up!

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