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    Meth-fiend 'mentalis Deck

    First off, thanks to the design team and Wulven, DP is awesome! I REALLY like the new Elemental cards.

    Anyways, here's a simple deck that I came up with. The purpose of this deck is to keep pumping Elementalis full of shadow energy so that you can turn even your Firesnake into a cracked-out force to be reckoned (recommended only in emergencies). I think this deck provides a good balance of beginning/middle/end game tactics.

    Here's the deck:



    Fire Snake x 4 (nice for early rush advantage (if there is such a thing) and good for providing bodies to Death Collector)
    Ironhide Karash x 4 (this use to be where I kept my Brutalis, however I really like the extra damage point and the damage reduction)
    Twisted Familiar x 2 (still deciding if I like this guy or not, so far, yes)
    Bloodstained Marauder x 4 (for the cost, this guy flat-out RULES when combined with Elementalis' ability, they have replaced my Gargs for this deck)
    Rust Weevil x 3 (VERY nice to have if playing against a Hunter or a Barbarian)
    Death Collector x 4 (again, a nice compliment to Elementalis' ability and as there is a bit of a weenie rush here, you should have some bodies to use if needed)
    Death Mage Thaddeus x 2
    Plasma Behemoth x 4 (x4 PB has always been a staple for me and I don't see these guys leaving the deck anytime soon)
    Ogloth x 2 (perfect for mid to late game if played in conjunction with Elementalis' ability)

    Other cards:
    Word of the Prophet x 3 (card draw)
    Bad Santa x 1 (different card draw--still trying to decide if I like this or Word of the Prophet more)
    Shadow Font x 4 (obviously)
    Interference x 4 (more shadow energy and good for aggravating for the other player)

    As always, Retreat and Freeze are your enemies, beware!
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    i played my elementalis deck with WotP over BS first, too.
    But you'll soon figure out that extra cards is always better than just swapping cards, the point is, sometimes in midgame, if you are facing control decks or had a bad start, you end up having 1-2 cards, considering one is WotP....what do you actually get? swap 1 card and maybe get the same or worse?
    BS would be definately the better choice in this deck,

    Oh and, where is Mind Control?? Must have if you are playing Elemental Decks. I like the idea of weenie, but after DP, weenie is really meant for priest and warrior decks imo.
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    I don't think I'd really call WOTP card draw more card swap. You do need some draw though. I would consider droping WOTP or something else to make room for 2 Bad Santas and 2 Sacrificial Lambs. Or going with the new draw engine, anti-matter.

    Also Mind Controls as the previous poster said are still musts.


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