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    All Things Lore

    Welcome to the Shadow Era Lore Forum!
    Here you will find links and documents to every piece of lore officially released by Wulven, as well as information on lore-related topics. This thread serves as a sort of 'Index' for this section, allowing us to keep it easier to locate that crucial piece of information. If you see anything that's been forgotten or you feel needs added please feel free to PM me directly.

    Characters in Profile:
    Characters in Profile, or CiP, was a series started on the original Design Team Blog. The original four have been brought here for your convenience, in their original unedited versions. After those there have been some changes made to the format of the release. These articles will now focus on the 'Unique' allies. This is because beyond balancing, Unique allies are meant to have greater impact on the story. For that reason they make the perfect candidates to continue revealing new and important aspects of the universe we play in.
    Call of the Crystals:
    Kristoffer Wyld
    Katrin the Shieldmaiden
    Earthen Protector
    Death Mage Thaddeus

    Dark Prophecies:
    In Call of the Crystals, the naming of allies and their importance to the story was very miss-matched and unpredictable. One of the great things about having a more story-driven release now is that we get to weave more of the story into the cards, and we get to do that in entirely new ways. One of those ways is that all 'Unique' allies have actual names; these are people who influence the events of the world in ways never before imagined. So, going forward, CiP will be focusing on unique allies for revealing the worlds of Shadow Era to our fans!
    Gunther, General of Balor
    Howlfang, Terror of the Vale
    Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi
    Kairos Doombringer
    Jade of the Forest

    Tribes in Focus:
    On many of the allies in Call of the Crystals you might have noticed that they carry a small section of text after their type, such as 'Undead' or 'Wulven'. In Dark Prophecies, we added several more of these to the game. These represent the different Tribes of Shadow Era- groups of individuals who come from similar places, whether it is a country, faith, or even a simple mindset.

    Released Shorts(Chronological Order):
    These shorts are brief glimpses into the events of the Shadow Era universe. They capture single moments in time, often setting the stage for greater events. They're not meant to stand alone, but pieced together with the other works linked in this thread an even more grandiose picture begins to appear.
    The Last War Ends
    Call of the Crystals: Prologue and Epilogue
    Carmila Reborn
    Dark Prophecies: Prologue and Epilogue

    Wizent's Journal:
    Unlike other shorts, Wizent's Journal is meant to be an ongoing story, linking together to create a small glimpse into the earliest days of the Shadow's arrival in Balor. There are currently 5 parts planned for release, though additional sections might be gathered from other sources over time; think of it like an ongoing 'easter egg hunt' if you will.
    Wizent's Journal (Part 1)
    Wizent's Journal (Part 2)
    Wizent's Journal (Part 3)
    Wizent's Journal (Part 4)
    Wizent's Journal (Part 5)

    Out-dated documents:
    In times since passed, other writers have created works to be added to the Shadow Era story. Though well written, these works contradict sections of the current lore, and as such had to be stricken from record. Being a sentimentalist, these works are kept here for posterity's sake.
    Again, the information in these links is no longer held as true, so please do not reference them as official.
    The original Prologue
    Adder's Grin
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