Jesli ktos cos slyszal co plauja dodac do gry i w jakim czasie to niech wali tu ;] zaczolem ten post bo sam dogrzebac sie nie moglem przez kilka dni i wkoncu jakas dobra dusza mi pokazala paluchem ;] wiec by ulatwic zycie innym ciekawym, zaczolem ten post ;]

O to co wygrzebalem ;] :
I have already remembered these things (which may or may not end up on the roadmap):

* Auction house
* In-game lobby
* Custom matches with no class/faction restrictions
* Automated tournament queues
* Booster draft tournaments
* Meltdown tournaments
* First expansion
* Simple player campaign
* Player stats
* Separate toggle for music and sound
* Rating decay
* Improved rating system
* Free-for-all (1 vs 1 vs 1)
* Team play (2 vs 2)

NOTE: Some things above might not make it onto the roadmap.

Things people have mentioned on this thread (awaiting Kyle + DT input):

* Custom matches with best-of-three
* Custom match where you can choose who goes first
* Custom match where you can disable the turn-timer
* Multiplayer over bluetooth or local LAN (instead of the internet)
* Sideboards
* Mulligan
* Friends list
* Guild tags
* Multiple save-slots per hero, with ability to name your decks
* Voice chat
* Duration marker for cards like Portal
* Helpful visual effects - e.g. show who gained stealth/ambush/haste from Lance, show disabled differently to exhausted
* Identifier for stolen cards
* Improved AI
* Completely eradicate sync errors and turn-timer bugs
* When watching your own replays, show your cards face up
* UI Improvements (Toggle zoom, no hidden effects, better visibility for attack / damage numbers)
* Ability to pause and rewind replays
* Rock/Paper/Scissors to determine who goes first
* Bidding life or SE to determine who goes first
* Asynchronous games (see here)
* Chess clock (total time for all your turns)
* Achievements

kilka rzeczy z tego juz jest do danych a powyrzasza lista jest o tym nad czym ogolem mysla .... Do tego dodam ze kroi sie expansion pack w ktorym obiecuja dodac 150 nowych kart ;] wiec bardzo milo z ich strony ;]