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Thread: Bug of Cheat?

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    Bug of Cheat?

    Hi there... seems that many of that last Challenge games that I have played have ended before the game has finished. Each and every time, it is the other player's turn... the other player is significantly higher ranked than I am... I have come from behind and have set the stage to trounce them on my next turn... . Each time, it is the other player's turn... nothing happens for a few minutes, and then the game automatically ends, posting "Defeat", and knocking down my ranking.

    How can I prevent these cheats?

    The last one was against WAELOZ at about 5:55 PM EST.


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    It is very odd that you've fought someone with such a large difference in rating, but not completely unheard of.

    On the matter of cheats, the situation you described is very similar to those that many others have been posting of recently. It is most likely not a cheat but rather the result of a bug. I will be locking the thread to keep the forums tidy as requested by other members of the forum. For more information or to start a discussion, please refer to the threads below:

    Sudden Defeat Discussion Thread
    The Issue of Sudden Defeats

    Sorry for an inconvenience this may have caused.
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