I've been experimenting with a Stripper deck for Serena and so far this is the deck that I run. My rationale behind the deck is to hopefully get either NS or Kris in the first hand for early board control or at least function as a distrction while I get to t5 when I can hopefully use Anklebreaker. They are also good with assassination on fatties. It seems to work fine around my 165 rating or so, but I definitely think it can be improved. My biggest concern is the function of Priest of Light versus possibly Jasmine. I ran with Jasmine over Kris before, but I found that I couldn't get NS consistently enough in my first hand and it often made me very open as I had nothing to defend myself with until at least t3 if I was lucky enough to have Black Garb on my hand. It forced me to make a lot of (bad) decisions where I often ended up sac'ing Jasmine because I needed the healing from Priest, Lily is too important to allow me to get back that Black Garb or Anklebreaker and I felt that when the deck didn't work it just didn't work well at all because I had no cards to play during the first 2-3 turns.

I've been contemplating the role of Aldon in this deck as well but I've found that he does synergize quite well with NS and I have no better card to replace him with I think.

It is also possible to replace Kris with Puwen or Dirk as they're a little more tanky and deal more damage, but then I often find that if I especially start second, I lose momentum without Kris.

So thoughts?