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    Baduruu v1.5 Deck

    I'm fairly new, put catching on quite quickly. I've played around only with Shadow decks (I am opposed to playing Human, mainly due to the artwork on Shadow side being more appealing to me) and have settled on Shadow Hunter. This is the first deck I have built without following suit with someone else's build whilst learning the ropes. I am looking for any criticism and advice anyone can offer me.

    Baduruu appeals to me only slightly more than Banebow - mainly because I enjoy using armor and weapons, and Baduruu seems to be a much better suited hero to that.

    Here's the current deck i'm using, again, any advice and criticism is greatly appreciated and encouraged!

    44 card total:
    1x Baduruu
    3x Infernal Gargoyle
    3x Dark Flayer
    3x Wulven Tracker

    2x Aimed Shot
    3x Poison Arrow
    3x Flaming Arrow
    2x Rapid Fire
    3x Death Trap
    2x Into The Forest
    2x Battle Plans
    2x Surprise Attack

    4x Bad Santa
    1x Master Smith

    2x Night Prowler
    2x Wrath of the Forest
    4x Soul Seeker
    2x Beetle Demon Bow

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    hey there, I'm afraid I'm no expert when it comes to hunters but I can see certain things that -generally speaking - should be applied in any strategy/deck..

    - The fact that your deck has 44 cards would have some say "No no no it should be 40 because this way you improve your chances of drawing what you need when you need it"..I personally run a 42 card deck but it has lots of draw power so I don't really get affected by this
    - Most decks you'll see contain 3* this or 4* that (when it's a really important card for one's deck)..I can see quite a few 2* in yours and I believe that you should think about which is more important than the other...
    To give you an example based on your deck, well you only have 9 creatures so I don't see how 2* wrath of the forest would help you (considering the possibility that you'll actually have allies on the board and have drawn and played one of your 2 WotF)

    It's difficult to get rid of cards sometimes (painful almost!! ) but you really have to think what's "nice to have" and what's crucial..another example would be the 1* master smith..

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