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    New Duelist!!! My first Deck : Serena Deck - French Player

    I play since 2 weeks ago =)
    I begin with Serena, and i see on this forum too many guys thinks she sucks :/
    But i like her, so this is my deck:

    Hero (1) :

    1 Serena Thoughtripper

    Ally (20) :

    1 Jasmine Rosecult
    1 Lily Rosecult
    4 Kristoffer Wyld
    3 Puwen Bloodhelm
    2 Birgitte Skullborn
    1 Erika Shadowhunter
    3 Blake Windrunner
    1 Raven Wildheart
    2 Aldon the Brave
    1 Aeon Stormcaller
    1 Nightshade

    Ability (11) :

    4 Assassination
    2 Sorcerous Poison
    3 Stop, Thief! (because i suffer against wulfen decks)
    1 Cover of Night
    1 Retreat!

    Weapon (4) :

    2 Throwing Knife
    2 Golden Katar

    Item (4) :

    2 Good Ascendant
    2 Bazaar

    What do you think about my deck??
    For you, what i have to change in??


    Ps: Sorry for my poor english :/
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    Oh, I answered a guy with your same issues just 2 days ago: gonna copy/paste that post here, I don't want to rewrite it once again :P
    Here it is...

    At first glance I can say that you need to read some of the strategy articles posted in this forum, like the following two:

    I strongly recommend that you read also the other articles those guys wrote (you can find the link in their signature), but I want to point out one thing, quoting from the second article:

    Decks with multiple copies of the same card and smaller deck size generally work better than larger decks (containing more cards) and decks containing many cards with lower numbers of copies. This is due to the simple fact that having less different cards in your decks improves the odds of drawing a particular card. Higher odds of drawing specific cards will make your deck function more consistently. There are some excellent threads that go into more detail on the odds calculations. As a rule of thumb, you want to include 4 copies of every card you play, except when you only want to see a single copy of a card during a game. The latter would be the case for instance with high casting-cost cards that will usually swing the game when you play them (such as King’s Pride). Of those you can include 3 copies, or, if you have access to a lot of card drawing, 2 might work too.

    Now, take a look at your deck and try to remember your games: which cards you think you don't need, and which one you played often? Which card you think would have helped the most?
    Basing on that, cut all the 1x cards you never play (or that never helped consistently during a game) and bring the ones that could really help you to 3 or 4 copies.
    Little example: Dirk Saber and Nightshade. The first one costs too much for his stats and abilities, while the second just dies / gets shut in too many ways right now... Aldon and Jasmine have the same cost and are amazing. Cut Dirk and Nightshade (don't sell the cards though, in 1.3 they'll be better) and raise Jasmine to 3 (if you can reach 4 is better).

    Now, after you read the articles and did some tweaking on your deck basing on those... You should read some threads about good serena decks but, sadly, there aren't just because she is the worst hero around, in 1.29.
    Still, in 1.30 she'll definitely be better, so: read those articles and try to tweak your deck accordingly. Once you think you have finished, try to play it in quick matches, without expecting to win consistently though, and try to understand why she's considered so bad.
    You could be asking yourself "why the hell is he suggesting to play with a hero he considers bad?" Well, I play rogues too... In 1.3 they'll be better than now, so if you want to keep playing them I think it's a good idea if you start praticing now, find their weaknesses and strenghts (even with a tuned deck, I mean) etc.
    Then, check the forum to find which cards will be changed/added in 1.3 :P
    Hope this will help, have fun!

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    I love Serena Thoughtripper
    But it doesn't matter how much I like her you can make an ok deck with her but hero abilitys are so big in the game and yours is just a waist it is not strong

    there is an option of using your shadow energy on other cards but so far on Rogue's its limited two cards they are strong but not that strong

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    I'd add more weapons. Throwing knife/dagger of unmaking.

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