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    Lilyt of Orem's ability

    Seems like Lilyt's ability brings back allies with abilities such as protector, stealth and ambush ie where the ability wording is bolded.

    Namelessone7 vs HaveFunPlaying

    T6, Lilyt brings back...
  2. Lilyt of Orem returning Aeon Stormcaller with Protector ability

    HaveFunPlaying vs Cubeman

    As per title, on T8, Lilyt returned Aeon with Protector ability. Reproduced in T10.

    Other than that, General of Unaxio does not show its sought card when it should...
  3. Leash of life vs Embers arcane ability damage

    Game between HaveFunPlaying vs NickleBolus

    Leash of life on board with Isadora Stormrage adjacent to Hero.
    On Turn 7, I played Embers of the Just on Isadora, I understand she doesn't get fire...
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